Step 1/9: Let's get started
Step 1/9: Let's get started

2023/24 Season Registrations are open NOW and will last 365 days from date of purchase.

Membership Types & Benefits

Membership fees for 2023/24

(NB - Age is determined as that at 31st December in the year of signing up.  For example, you may be 15 right now but, if you are turning 16 at any time of this year, then you are considered to be 16 for the membership types below)

Membership type   (event eligibility of each type noted in brackets)


Open Athlete: Those 20 and above are eligible.
(Club events, all ANSW events


Concession: Those 20 and above - and holders of a government concession card - are eligible.
(Club events, all ANSW events

ANSW Juniors (U18-U20): Those 17-19 are eligible.
(Club events, all ANSW events)


ANSW Juniors (U14-U17): Those 13-16 are eligible.
(Club events, all ANSW events)

ANSW Youth (ages 8-12 years)
(Club events, all ANSW events)


Community Membership - all ages 6+ eligible.
(Club events only)


Community Membership + Uniform Bundle - all ages 6+ eligible
(Club events only).  Collect a singlet or croptop from an AW meet within one month of joining.  A uniform isn't necessary at Club events, but it does look pretty flash. 


Trialling Athlete - all ages 6+ eligible.
(Participate at one (1) AW club event before upgrading to full year membership.  NB - this does not confer eligibility to win prizes/set records/etc. at that event)

Club Volunteer or ANSW Official (non-competing members incl. Club Administators, Club Volunteers, Technical Officials and NSW Accredited Coaches)


Winter Membership Winter Members have access to all club meets, ANSW sanctioned meets & championships during the winter program: 1 Apr – 30 Sept 2024 only.  NB - You do not need to purchase a Winter Membership if you already hold a Youth, Junior, Concession, or Open Membership.  (You can also upgrade from Community).


Other fees (online processing charge and platform service):
between $1.43 ($15 Trialling Member) to $6.94 ($180 Open Membership)


To upgrade your Membership Type during the season,  log into your account (via the link at the top right of every page) then select Upgrade in the Membership Status section.  You just pay the difference between the two membership prices.  Contact the President or Registrar if you have any problems.

SPECIAL - Uni Students

Going to uni?  New to the area?  Want to try track and field?  Athletes new to AW and attending Wollongong Uni can contact us for a registration discount code that will take $40 off membership costs (NB - Trialling category will still be $15, but if you wish to upgrade to another level of membership after your visit, then the discount will apply to that upgrade cost).

Active Kids Voucher

School students may use their $50 Active Kids Vouchers to help pay registration fees. Obtain your Active Kids Voucher number before signing up and then enter it during the registration process.  Ensure that is applied before paying; it can't be added retroactively.

Membership Guide

2023/2024 Red Book

Do not photograph

During our club evenings, photographs are often taken for historical records of club acivities or club publicity. If you do not wish your photograph to be taken, please speak to the club President to ensure your wishes are complied with.


(Note that the 'New Member' button is for those who haven't joined an ANSW-affiliated club since Season 2018/19 - not those just new to Athletics Wollongong.  If you're switching from another club, you'll still pick the Returning Member button.  Accessing the registration console from AW's site here, alerts ANSW that you're joining Athletics Wollongong and not rejoining your previous club).