I haven't done athletics in ages and I'm not sure it's for me....

We have members who cover the range from total novice to elite international athlete.  We strive for a warm and encouraging environment throughout our operations, where everyone is treated equally.  Athletics Wollongong offers 1 trial evening for unregistered athletes; just select that option during registration.

How do I register?  Which membership should I take up?

Register online.  If you're unsure about which membership, talk to our Registrar.  Otherwise, you can always register with the "base" membership of 'Community', then upgrade if you wish to gain eligibility to participate in additional events elsewhere.

Are there Club training sessions?

There are a number of accredited coaches affiliated with the Club who are available at a variety of times and in most disciplines.  You can find their contact details on the Coaching page.  This is a better system for members, as they can choose the coach/squad that is the best fit for their circumstances.  There is no set, Club-wide training time.

How do I do the events?

For at least the first time an event is scheduled for an age group each season, there will be a club member on hand to give tips and direction to competitors and officials (i.e. parents/helpers).  At other times there will be experienced athletes competing alongside you and they will likely be more than happy to give you some tips.  World Athletics gives a brief rundown of each Olympic event here There are plenty of other resources on the web which go into greater detail, for example TeachPE.  The best resource we have to offer though are our coaches. For a full understanding of an event, join them for a few sessions.

How are Wednesday nights organised?

You do have to pay an entry fee to use the Beaton Park facility at the front desk, but otherwise there is no charge.  The evening is divided into periods with each age group scheduled to do different events.  You don't have to compete in events you're not interested in.  You don't have to compete solely within your age group: in running events you can compete alongside friends/family or people of the same/greater ability. In field events you can participate in events not programmed for your group (so long as you don't negatively impact the people whose group is actually programmed to do the event).  You can only break Club records, set season bests etc, in the events that are programmed for your group.  The schedule of events can be viewed on the Competition page, with the actual event order posted on Facebook on the Sunday prior to competition.  While the track events will mostly be run by club officials, participants (or their parents, if they are juniors) are expected to assist in running the field events.

What happens in the event of poor weather on a Wednesday?

If there's lightning nearby we suspend competition with regard to the 30-30 rule: i.e, if there's 30 seconds or less between the flash of lightning and the crack of thunder, we stop.  We resume once 30 minutes has passed since the last observed lightning.  If it's raining (or the infield is closed) we continue participating, though perhaps with some changes to the program for safety reasons - we may shelter briefly if conditions are particularly uncomfortable, but will continue as soon as practicable.

What time do Wednesday competitions start/finish?

We start at 5:30pm.  Athletes should arrive before then, to allow enough time to warm up and prepare.  We generally schedule a distance running event for 7pm and endeavour to have all events completed by 7:30pm.

I'm from another athletics club, can I participate in Wednesday competitions?

Members of other clubs  who are currently registered with ANSW are welcome to compete at our Wednesday night competitions.  You'll just have to log into your ANSW profile to show that you hold a competitive membership.

I'm a parent of a child athlete, where is the volunteer roster?

Athletics Wollongong is a senior club.  We don't expect that everyone attends each week; only as they are able.  Consequently we can't demand parents/helpers be available on any given evening; hence, there is no volunteer roster.  There are rules, however.  Every member under the age of 16 must have a parent in attendance.  Children are forbidden from competing if they've no parental supervision.  Each event must have at least two adults helping.  This is a child protection requirement by law.  If we don't have an appropriate number of helpers, that particular event will be abandoned.  You don't have to help at every event, take turns with other parents/helpers in attendance.  Note that we expect parents who themselves compete to also assist with their child's events - they will have to forgo some of their own occasionally.

How do I get a uniform?

Uniforms are not compulsory at our local Wednesday night meets. However, if you represent Athletics Wollongong in any Athletics NSW events, you must wear the club singlet or crop top and privately sourced royal blue (or black) pants. Tops are available for sale at our Wednesday meets (preferably between 5-5:30pm).  If you can't make it on a Wednesday, contact us for alternate arrangements.

Where do I get my registration numbers from?

There are no longer bibs that you wear season-long.  Most events - including AW's meets on our Wednesday night - do not require any.  If they are required at an event, then they will be made available at athlete check-in for that event - and only be used at that event.

I have a question not answered by this FAQ; what now?

The most comprehensive reading material regarding Athletics Wollongong is The Red Book (on the Competition page).  If you can't find your answer there, send an email to athleticswollongong@gmail.com.

What if I have a complaint to make about the organisation or a member of Athletics Wollongong?

If you are unhappy about the organisation of Athletics Wollongong, or the behaviour of a club member, download a Complaint Form and either hand it to a Committee member or email to athleticswollongong@gmail.com.