Weekly Wednesday Pointscore Competition

From October to March, Athletics Wollongong conducts a weekly pointscore each Wednesday commencing at 5.30pm at the Kerryn McCann Athletic Centre, Beaton Park. Events are held for age groups from Under 10 through to Masters. Each week there are normally five events for each age group. The club caters for a variety of events; 

  • sprints and hurdles,
  • middle and long distance, steeplechase,
  • walks,
  • high, long and triple jumps,
  • pole vault,
  • discus, shot put, javelin and hammer throw,
  • weight throw for Masters.


Competition Details

2023-2024 Summer Calendar

2023-2024 Summary of events each round 


Go to Calendar to find the events scheduled each week.

Age groups for pointscore and competition

Your age on
31st December of
the current year
Age Group
7, 8 or 9 U10
10 or 11 U12
12 or 13 U14
14 or 15 U16
16 or 17 U18
18 or 19 U20
Between 20 and 29 Open
Masters athletes compete in the age group according to their age ON THE DAY  


Useful documents

2023-2024 Red Book  (Membership Guide)

Application for Financial Assistance

Entry Fee Refund

Parental Support Form

Wet weather Policy

Generally, evenings are not cancelled due to wet weather. If in doubt check Athletics Wollongong on Facebook.
If there is lightning we suspend competition with regard to the 30-30 rule: i.e, if there's 30 seconds or less between the flash of lightning and the crack of thunder, we stop.  We resume once 30 minutes has passed since the last observed lightning.  If it's raining (or the infield is closed) we continue participating, though perhaps with some changes to the program for safety reasons - we may shelter briefly if conditions are particularly uncomfortable, but will continue as soon as practicable.

Winter Distance Running Pointscore

To encourage club members to keep active during the winter months, and without the need for a separate winter program, Athletics Wollongong conducts a winter pointscore based on local parkruns. For 2024 we will be organising two point scores - Junior for U18 athletes and Open for those aged 18+.
We also encourage menbers to compete in ANSW Winter Championship events, with the option to form teams in XC and Road Relays.
The pointscore is held between April and August. Runners must be financial or life members of Athletics Wollongong and be registered with parkrun, go to

Competition Details

2024 Winter Schedule

Winter Pointscore Information

Athletics NSW Events

Athletics Wollongong members, apart from Community Athletes, are eligible and encouraged to compete at Athletics NSW events. These cover track and field competitions in summer plus cross country, road running and road walks during the winter season. Athletes can progress from here to national and international level. More information can be found on the ANSW web site at