Published Mon 26 Feb 2024

March 6th is Athletes' Choice at Athletics Wollongong.

Members can vote for which events they want to contest at our final pointscore meet of the season.

(Note that the following week - March 13th - is our End of Season Special.  While athletes will not be able to attain points there, we will be holding the 60m Skins Champion of Champions, 800m Chocolate Run, Many-vs-One Relay, Picnic Games, Gumboot Throw, and a Free BBQ for our members and supporters).

As Athletes' Choice will be your final opportunity to attain points, you could choose to be tactical and vote for the events you think you'd do best in.  Alternatively, you could just vote for the events that you think everyone would enjoy the most!

To vote:

For the track events, you're voting for the events that everyone does.

For the field events, you're voting for the events that your age group does.

Here are the events we are holding THIS Wednesday (in case you didn't want to do them in back-to-back weeks):

There's a chance that we might have to do some minor shuffling for safety: e.g. not everyone can do hammer throw.  In that instance we'd defer to groups that have actual hammer, rather than practice hammer (and they would then get the second highest option).  Similarly, if there are ties, the age group with the most votes 'win' the event.

No need to vote for a distance event: it's the steeplechase.  For those U10/U12 (or whomever just wants to give it a go): it'll be an 800m 'steeple splash'.  For everyone else, the event will be held over the correct distance and barrier height per the event specifications (see The Red Book).

Get voting!  The polling boxes close Sunday, 3rd March at 10am.

...and get canvassing: you can strongly suggest that your friends and clubmates vote the way you want them to.  You can also make vote trading deals.  Bribes might work out too!