Volunteering at Country

Published Mon 15 Jan 2024

We're getting there!

* Friday morning - set up will begin at 9am, with events commencing from 12pm.  Around 10 gazebos have to go up (field event locations, wind-gauge station, medical, at the 100m start, etc.). Each field event also needs a desk, chairs and benches. Efforts to be focused on locations to be used first (i.e. hammer, shot put, long jump, and pole vault are kicking things off; we can catch up on the rest after those if need be).  We'll also need to make the hurdles and field equipment available. 

* Competition begins - we'll be asked to have 6-8 helpers at all times in the field for the duration of the event. Our co-hosts Blue Stars will be providing much the same.  Accredited ANSW Officials will be running things, we're just labour (i.e. raking, retrieving, 'riting); anyone can do it. Tasks will be rotated during a 'shift' - a shift looking likely to be around 3 hours, including breaks between events. Everyone who is contesting Country - or a representative of theirs (e.g. parent) - should anticipate volunteering for at *least* one shift at the event (either on the field or at the BBQ).

* Booking a spot - I've added an image to the post which I'll update with names as people nominate for a slot. You can put your name forward via the Facebook post (if you want a potentially quicker reaction), else via email:  The times noted are just a guide: we basically want helpers at the event 20-30mins before kickoff and not needing to swap out midway through an event. See the ANSW Final timetable for the event timings.  There will be plenty of breaks: each ANSW team will be in action the whole day!