November 2023 Newsletter

Published Sun 19 Nov 2023

Regional Championships

New to the calendar this season are the Regional Championships.  While this event is primarily a means of qualification for the State Youth Championships, in the Country regions it's an opportunity for all ages to participate in track and field. 

Athletics Wollongong is in the 'South' (Country) region, with our competition to be held at Beaton Park next Sunday, 26th November.  Entries are scheduled to close noon on Monday but may be extended; see the ANSW event listing here:

While it's primarily delivered by ANSW, there will be a need for local club representatives to pitch in to assist.  As an event will be on in Dubbo on the same day - and a round of the Treloar will be held the day prior - the ANSW volunteer body will be stretched thin.  Athletics Wollongong will also be running a BBQ there.

For those 7-12 who are looking to qualify for the NSW Youth Championships, the qualification process is explained in the 'Entry Regulations' document here:  Suffice to say: the Region Champs aren't the only means to get there so, if you're unable to attend this coming weekend, you'll have further chances at either a Treloar Shield meet or the Country Championships.


Athletics Wollongong Pointscore

AW's Summer Series of weekly Wednesday meets is proving very popular with our members.  As an indication, we had almost 80 members attend last week's competition - with an incredible 18 club records falling during the course of the evening!

Due to the high attendance - particular in the Masters age groups - we've had to do a little chopping and changing of events to better cater for their numbers.  In the shuffle, some field events have been skipped over for some ages; we'll catch up with these in coming weeks.

We've also had to make substantial changes to the end of this season's calendar.  We had intended to run our own South Coast Region Championships again, following their re-introduction earlier this year.  With ANSW since opening up their Regional Champs to all ages and membership types, it means there's no longer a need for us to hold this event. 

The updated season calendar is available on the Competition page of the club website.


Christmas Special

While a free BBQ for members and their supporters is always welcome, the real star of our Christmas Special on December 20th is the Athletics Wollongong Gift.  This is a handicapped 100m race, with slower runners receiving a headstart such that everyone should be crossing the finish line at almost the same time.

The handicaps are based on sprint performances we have recorded but, given that we don't track weather conditions, effort levels, how athletes are feeling, etc. alongside these times, then they're never going to be exactly correct.  Instead, we just hope to have heats and a final where we can't determine who the winner might be until well into the race: until the last few metres would be ideal!

While details haven't been finalised at this stage, previous years' Gifts have featured prizemoney.  Stay tuned for more information as it comes to hand.

Last Christmas we debuted a Chocolate Santa 4x400m relay event that proved surprisingly popular; it'll also be making a return.  In the field, we'll catch up on any missed jumps and throws events.  Fingers crossed we continue to have good luck with the weather!

Following the Christmas Special we'll be off for the next two Wednesdays over the holiday period.


New Year Return

Athletics Wollongong will return for the second half of our season on January 10th.

Remember that for many, a new year means a new age group.  As we align with Athletics NSW rules (which in turn align with National and International ones) a Junior or Open participant's age is determined as at 31st December in the year of competition.  With a new year - 2024 - there is a new age calculation. 

For example, someone who turned 13 in 2023 (and thus has been in the U14 age group at AW's meets so far) will turn 14 at some point in 2024.  It doesn't matter when; their age is considered to be 14 for the entirety of the year (and so they will move up to the U16 age group at AW's meets). 

Everyone born in an even-numbered year - and under 30 years of age - will be in a new age group after the break.

Masters - those of 30 years of age or older - are different, of course.  Their age is based on that on the day of competition.  This is also a rule of their world governing body and basically because of the 5 or 10-year age groupings that they use: you don't want someone breaking a 50-54 year old record who isn't even 50 yet, for example.


NSW Relay Championships Results

State Relays were held this past weekend, with AW reps having a lot of fun - and coming away with some great performances.

Gold medals went to teams in the: 160+ Men's 4x400m, 200+ Men's Javelin, and 240+ Men's Shot Put.

Silver medals were won by our representatives in the U18 Men's High Jump, 160+ Men's 4x200m, 200+ Men's 4x100m and 4x400m.

Bronze medals went the U14 Women's 4x100m, and the 160+ Men's 4x100m teams.

Well done to everyone who participated and thank you to those who helped with administering the teams and volunteering at the event.


Club Captain

Athletics Wollongong's new Club Captain was announced at our anniversary celebration last week, where we marked 65 years since we first held meets at our home of Beaton Park. 

Natalie Heywood was welcomed to the role, following Peter Kidd's year of service. 

Congratulations, Nat!


Grill'd Local Matters

During November, the Wollongong Grill'd restaurant (corner of Crown and Keira in the Gateway Shopping Centre) will be featuring an Athletics Wollongong jar as part of their Local Matters campaign. 

Every burger sold earns the purchaser a token which they can place in one of three jars, each representing a local community organisation or charity. At the end of the month, the jar with the most tokens wins their cause $300. There are no losers either, as the other pair win $100!  Those ordering online also get an opportunity to cast a vote: just click the appropiate link in your email receipt.

You can check out the Grill'd menu and order online here:  Tell your friends and family - and treat yourself to a healthy and tasty burger this November!


NSW Country Championships

The best event on the calendar is returning to Wollongong!  The NSW Country Championships will be held January 19th-21st.  As it's in 2024, entries likely won't open until the year ticks over; otherwise people may get entered in the wrong age group. 

The last time Country was held in Wollongong was 2018, so don't miss this opportunity to be a part of a rare, home event!


Australia Day Aquathon

With the New Year approaching, it means that the Australia Day Aquathon also can't be far off.  The club is a long-time supporter of the event, with the event coordinator Rob Battocchio being a former member of AW.  He graciously donates some money to AW, for us providing some volunteer labour at the event.  While we will predominantly be involved with athlete check-in once again, there may be other roles available in course marshalling and such.

It's a fun couple of hours with a great team, helping positive and excited participants.  We'll start seeking names of helpers in another few weeks.  At this stage, just be aware that the date is coming up; entries are now open, for those who would like to participate.

(NB - the Splash 'n' Dash Aquathon, which the club has also assisted at in the past, is on hiatus; it will not be held in 2024).


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