End of Season Special

Published Fri 08 Mar 2024

March 13th is our final meet of Season 2023/24 and we have a HUGE send-off planned that you'll want to be a part of!

First and foremost, we'll have a free BBQ for our members and their supporters. 

We'll also have some fun events: the Many-vs-One Relay (where everyone gets involved), picnic games, a gumboot throw, and a handicapped 800m run with chocolate prizes.

The main event though will be the 60m Skins Champion of Champions. This is firstly an elimination event: groups will run a series of handicapped 60m races with low recovery.  The last across the line will be eliminated from the remaining races until it's a shoot-out to progress to the final.  The final is where you really want to be, as a final one-and-done handicapped race will determine who's taking money home!  The prize purse is being donated by FitTech Studios and also Anthony Howlett.

To enter the 60m Skins Champion of Champions, there'll be a list on the noticeboard of those who have attained a handicap for the event: tick the box next to your name.  To receive a handicap you need to have contested some sprint events this season - either at club or while representing the club - from which we can estimate the headstart you'll need to cross the line at the same time as AW's fastest 60m runner.

HERE is the list of people who have an eligible handicap that will be posted on the noticeboard.

$150 first prize!  $100 to second.  $50 to third.

Though there is money attached to the event, keep in mind it's all just a bit of fun.  The handicaps won't be exact as we don't record wind, effort, or how a runner was feeling each time they put up a performance.   

We hope to see you there!