2023 State Relays - submit your Expression Of Interest

Published Wed 11 Oct 2023

The NSW State Relay Championships will be held at Sydney Olympic Park on 17th-19th November.

Athletics Wollongong is asking for Expressions Of Interest from those looking to participate in the event.  The relays are open to the following ANSW membership types: Open, Concession, Juniors and Youth.  If you need to upgrade your membership to participate, you can do so on the club website.
An Athletics Wollongong club uniform will be required.

Expressions Of Interest will remain open until midnight, Sunday, November 5th.  Note that the club is responsible for submitting all team entries.

These are the rules for relays:

This is the event grid for relays:

This is the draft timetable for relays:

If you have confirmed that you are available (including checking with your parents if you are under the age of 18) and eligible (with respect to membership and age) - and pledge that you'll not drop out unless a victim of the direst of circumstances - we invite you to fill in this form:

Note that you are more likely to form a team if you advocate and advertise to those whom you would like to be in a team with!  If an athlete does not submit an Expression Of Interest, the club presumes that they are unavailable; not that they are waiting to be asked.  We love teams that come fully-formed!

Athletics Wollongong will pay team entries.  There is currently no information available on pricing or whether there will be gate entry fees.  Check the ANSW event page for any updates: