It's the Final Countdown!

10 Mar 2019

The final meet in Athletics Wollongong's Summer Series will be held this Wednesday, 13th March....  But it's not a sad occasion!  Look what we have in store:


The 60m Skins Returns!

Athletes are handicapped based on how fast they can run a 60m.  A series of races for each age group are held, with low recovery, where the last competitors across the line are eliminated prior to the next running.  The series continues until it's a head-to-head shootout to determine the age group winner.  Only this time it'll be a little different:


Champion of Champions!

The individual Skins winners will reconvene later in the program and battle it out for CA$H.  A $100 prize pool is being put up by Club member Anthony Howlett: you've got to be in it to win it!


Chocolate Run

One of the Club's most popular events - the start time handicapped 800m Chocolate Run - will endeavour to answer once again: Just how much faster can people run when they can win chocolate?  Years of research would suggest: quite a lot.  


Free BBQ

A free BBQ will be put on for our members and their supporters in celebration of the local end of Season 2018/19.  We also ask that people bring along a plate of food to share with others.


....and that's not all!  We'll also hold the (not really) World Famous Many-Vs-One relay and some fun, supporting field events.  Come along for a great evening with your athletic friends! 

Note that some of the pointscore categories are extremely close, so this final opportunity to score may be a valuable one.  Attendance also counts so, if you've missed a fair few meets throughout the season, it's even more reason to join us for a great night.


NB - competition is still ongoing elsewhere (e.g. All Comers meets, National Championships, etc) and your membership goes up until Sept 30th.  Look at Athletics NSW's website for upcoming events and join us on facebook where we cheer on our members' achievements at higher levels.   AW also run a Winter Competition - alongside parkrun events, stay tuned for more info on that front - as do ANSW with Cross Country runs held throughout the State.  Most importantly, keep the evening of 4th May free for Athletics Wollongong's Presentation Night.