60th Anniversary

On the evening of Saturday, August 25th we held our 60th Anniversary Celebration at Wollongong Tennis Club. 

Our regular Wednesday evening meet on November 28th will mark 60 years (minus one day) of our Club competing at Beaton Park.  We'll have some special events and happenings to mark the occasion.  If you're a former member, come down for a look at how things have changed.  Is it time for a comeback, perhaps? ;)

The best place to hear of more details as they're announced is in our 60th Anniversary facebook group.  We also invite everyone to share their historical material regarding the club to the group so that we can paint a full picture of these past 60 years!


In 2018 we are celebrating 60 years since the formation of Wollongong Southern Flame Amateur Athletic Club (renamed Athletics Wollongong in 2000).  To mark this significant milestone we collated the names of all previous members to make a commemorative item.  

Our membership records are incomplete, particularly during the Club's first 10 years (1958-68).  For the benefit of our future Clubmates, we encourage all current and former members to review the names below and notify the club by sending an email with name and year of anyone that is not listed to: athleticswollongong@gmail.com

List of Past Members  (last update 19/6/18):


AARONS, Daniel; AARONS, Danny;  ABBOTT, Alyssa;  ABBOTT, Ann-Marie;  ABELAS, Lubby;  ABERDEEN, Sheryly;  ACEV, Mitchell;  ACHILLE, Louisa;  ACRES, Helen;  ADAM, Kay;  ADAM, Ross;  ADHIKARI, Bigyan;  ADLINGTON, James;  ADLINGTON, Matthew;  AGNEW, Jo-Anne;  AGNOLI, Christine;  AGNOLI, Kristin;  AHLBURG, Leanne;  AINGER, Paul;  AITCHESON, Barbara;  AITKEN, Angela;  AITKEN, Pamela;  AITKEN, Peter;  ALLAMBY, Mrs Janette*;  ALLAMBY, Rhonda;  ALLAN, John;  ALLAN, Michelle;  ALLEN, Aliesha;  ALLEN, Angel;  ALLEN, Daniel;  ALLEN, John;  ALLEN, Lorraine;  ALLEN, Mark;  ALLEN, Mick;  ALLEN, Rowan;  ALLEYNE, John;  ALLISON, Beth;  ALLISON, Laurie;  ALLISON, Loribeth;  ALLISON, Louise;  ALLISON, Robert;  AMATTO, Josh;  AMATTO, Paul;  AMIDZOVSKI, Delta;  AMIDZOVSKI, Jayda;  ANASTASIS, Andrew;  ANDANOVSKI, Jordan;  ANDANOVSKI, Robert;  ANDERSOM, Wendy;  ANDERSON, Dean;  ANDERSON, Lachlan;  ANDERSON, Mark;  ANDERSON, Pearce;  ANDERSON, Ryan;  ANDRIT, Joshua;  ANGELOSKI, Slavko;  ANNABLE, Mr George*;  ANNABLE, Mrs Val*;  ANNABLE, Tony;  ANNING, Madeline;  ANSONS, Justin;  ANSONS, Nathan;  ANSTISS, Cale;  ANTAW, Sandra;  ANTROBUS, Bailey;  AQUILERA, Benjamin;  ARDMA, Olev;  ARECCO, Natalie;  ARECCO, Scott;  ARGENT, Michael;  ARIFIEN, Eleni;  ARIFIEN, Jane;  ARIFIEN, Jesse;  ARIFIEN, Sonny;  ARIFIEN, Sonny Snr;  ARMOUR, Christian;  ARMSTRONG, Cheryl;  ARMSTRONG, Jennifer;  AROUTSIDIS, Chloe;  AROUTSIDIS, Helena;  AROUTSIDIS, Sophie;  ASHCROFT, Susan;  ASKEW, Christopher;  ASKEW, Michael;  AULD, Christopher;  AUSTEN, Phil;  AUSTIN, Steven 



BABIC, Emma;  BABIC, Jessi;  BABIC, Kristi;  BADE, Kris;  BADE, Mark;  BADE, Michael;  BADGER, Steven;  BADGERY, Kevin;  BAILEY, Kitiloni;  BAILEY, Sinead;  BAIN, Carmen;  BAIN, Heather;  BAKER, Craig;  BAKER, Karen;  BAKER, Kathryn;  BAKER, Kerrie;  BAKER, Kerrie Ann;  BAKER, Mrs Gwen*;  BAKKER, Josh;  BALL, Mike;  BAMFORD, Craig;  BAMFORD, Mark;  BANKS, Adam;  BANKS, Lorraine;  BANKS, Robyn;  BANKS, Sharon;  BANNISTER, Marie;  BARESIL, Celestino;  BARHAM, Brian;  BARHAM, Mervyn;  BARHAM, Mrs J.*;  BARHAM, Sharon;  BARHAM, Trevor;  BARHAM, Wayne;  BARKER, Christopher;  BARKER, William;  BARKLAY, Blake;  BARKLAY, Brett;  BARKLAY, Peter;  BARKLAY, Teghan;  BARLOW, Michael;  BARNABA, Lani;  BARNABA, Lauren;  BARNABA, Leigh;  BARNES, Andrew;  BARNES, Anthony;  BARNES, Jeffrey;  BARNES, Joy;  BARNES, Nicole;  BARNES, Ruth;  BARNES, Samantha;  BARNES, Steen;  BARRETT, Daniel;  BARRETT, Julie;  BARRIE, Robert;  BARRINGTON, Donna;  BARTCZAK, Nikita;  BARTLE, Anneliesse;  BARTLE, Laura;  BARTLETT, Sharon;  BARTLEY, Thomas;  BARTSCH, Dieter;  BARTSCH, Friedl;  BARWISE, Geoffrey;  BARWISE, Gregory;  BARWISE, Katie;  BASKERVILLE, Barbara;  BATES, Michael;  BATTAGLIA, Daniella;  BAXA, David;  BAXA, Elvis;  BAYLY, Lynda-Gai;  BAYLY, Narrelle;  BAZAZ, Nadine;  BEAVEN, Gareth;  BECKETT, Jan;  BECKETT, Janice;  BECKETT, Peter;  BEDFORD, Casey-Lee;  BEDFORD, Jennifer;  BEDFORD, Kurt;  BEECROFT, Darren;  BELCHER, James;  BELFORD, Lynn;  BELFORD, Stephanie;  BELL, Jenni;  BELL, Josh;  BELL, Kirralie;  BELLHOUSE, India;  BELSITO, Angelina;  BENDER, Lucas;  BENHAM, Dean;  BENIC, Belle;  BENIUK, David;  BENIUK, Jonothan;  BENIUK, Peter;  BENIUK, Timothy;  BENSON, Emma;  BENSON, Sam;  BENTEN, Caitlin;  BENTEN, Jarryd;  BENTEN, Nicholas;  BENTLEY, Jenna;  BEREGSHASI, Michael;  BERLOWITZ, Craig;  BERLOWITZ, Lee-Anne;  BERLOWITZ, Mr N.*;  BERNARDI, Justin;  BERRELL, Andrea;  BERRELL, Eliza;  BERRESFORD, Anne;  BERRY, Brooke;  BERRY, Kate;  BERRY, Olivia;  BERRY, Teagan;  BERRY, Tim;  BERRY, Timothy;  BERTINATO, Stephen;  BETTS, Ernie;  BETZ, Ben;  BETZ, Colin;  BEVERIDGE, Paul;  BICKEL, Gabriel;  BILSKY, Bill;  BILSKY, Wilfred;  BINDON, Dennis;  BINT, Beth;  BIRCH, Craig;  BIRCHALL, Allison;  BIRD, Jade;  BISLEY, Alexander;  BISLEY, Matthew;  BISLEY, Peter;  BITZ, David;  BLAAS, Justin;  BLAAS, Olivia;  BLACKETT, Nicki;  BLACKMORE, Kevin;  BLANCH, Brook;  BLASKO, Paul;  BLAY, Bronte;  BLAY, Karen;  BLAZEKOVIC, Julie;  BLUD, Toni;  BLUMENTALS, Henry;  BOCHAN, Asha;  BOCHAN, Chad;  BOCHAN, Danny;  BOLEYN, Andrew;  BOLT, Isaiah;  BOMBA, David;  BOMBA, Stephen;  BOND, Adrian;  BOND, April;  BOND, Cameron;  BOND, Carolyn;  BOND, Jacqueline;  BOND, Paul;  BOND, Russell;  BONES-SAUNDERS, Belinda;  BONIN, Clara;  BONIN, Emily;  BONIN, Kieran;  BOON, Andrea;  BOON, Calvin;  BOON, Jane;  BOON, Mr R.*;  BOOTH, Cheryl;  BOOTH, Courtney;  BOOTH, Michael;  BOOTHMAN, Leigh;  BORG, Lacey;  BORNEMAN, Dylan;  BORNEMAN, Nadine;  BORST, Addison;  BORST, Braden;  BORST, Elliot;  BORST, Geoffrey;  BORST, Greg;  BORST, Liam;  BOTTOCCHIO, Robert;  BOURKE, Stacey;  BOURNE, Honey;  BOURNES, Cathryn;  BOURNES, Deborah;  BOURNES, Lyndee;  BOURNES, Mark;  BOURNES, Stephen;  BOUVET, Michelle;  BOWDEN, Tracey-Lee;  BOWLES, Teresa;  BOWMAN, Nathan;  BOYAN, Brendan;  BOYD, Darryl;  BOYD, Erin;  BOYD, John;  BOYLAND, Rosemary;  BOYLE, Lorraine;  BOYLE, Nicole;  BOYLE, Shaun;  BOYS, Margaret;  BOYS, Mr B. E.*;  BOYS, Patricia;  BRACK, Chris;  BRADLEY, Desmond;  BRADSHAW, Andrew;  BRADSHAW, Christopher;  BRADSHAW, Deborah;  BRADSHAW, Graeme;  BRADSHAW, Joanne;  BRADSHAW, Laura;  BRADSHAW, Mr J.*;  BRADSHAW, Rowena;  BRADSHAW, Toni;  BRADY, William;  BRAGG, Ron;  BRAITHWAITE, Liam;  BRAITHWAITE, Liana;  BRAND, John;  BRAND, Michelle;  BRAND, Natalie;  BRAS, David;  BRASSINGTON, Amanda;  BRASSINGTON, Julie;  BRASSINGTON, Peter;  BRAY, Adam;  BRAY, Amie;  BRAY, Emily;  BRAY, Ian;  BRAY, Samuel;  BRAZULAITIS, Shane;  BRIDGES, Jack;  BRIENEN, Adax;  BRINDLE, John;  BRINDLE, Kerry;  BRINDLE, Sue;  BRINGOLF, Leon;  BRINGOLF, Mark;  BRINKWORTH, Jamie;  BRINKWORTH, Kurt;  BROAD, Alan;  BROAD, Suzanne;  BRODNIK, James;  BRODNIK, Kieren;  BROMLEY, Gary;  BROOKS, Stephen;  BROWN, Andrew;  BROWN, Callum;  BROWN, Christopher;  BROWN, David;  BROWN, Eden;  BROWN, Elly;  BROWN, Eric;  BROWN, Greg;  BROWN, Laura;  BROWN, Lauren;  BROWN, Lola;  BROWN, Michael;  BROWN, Miles;  BROWN, Phoenix;  BROWN, Susan;  BROWN, Victoria;  BROWN, Wendy;  BROWNLOW, Mrs S.*;  BRUCE, Gary;  BRUCE, Jeffrey;  BRUCE, Johnny;  BRYANT, Aleigha;  BRYANT, Graeme;  BRYANT, Jakob;  BRYANT, Ron;  BUCHANAN, Nicole;  BUCK, Kathleen;  BUCK, Miss K.*;  BUCK, Mrs P.*;  BUCK, Rosalie;  BUCK, Sharon;  BUCKLESS, Karen;  BUCKLEY, Susan;  BUDAI, Denim;  BUDAI, Iluka;  BUGDEN, Donna;  BUGDEN, Helene;  BUGDEN, Kim;  BUGDEN, Lisa;  BULLARD, Lynette;  BURCHALL, Allison;  BURCHALL, Geoff;  BURDETT, Scott;  BURDON, Patricia;  BURGESS, Anita;  BURGESS, Lynne;  BURGESS, Nicholas;  BURGESS, Peter;  BURGESS, Rebecca;  BURKE, Emily;  BURKE, Kylie;  BURLING, Cheryl;  BURLING, Karen;  BURLING, Lisa;  BURLING, Mandy;  BURLING, Michael;  BURNETT, Ashley;  BURNETT, Brad;  BURNS, Erin;  BURNS, Natalie;  BURRELL, Melinda;  BURRELL, Rex;  BURRELL, Ross;  BURROWS, Yvonne;  BURTON, Celie;  BURTON, Lloyd;  BURTON, Matthew;  BUSCH, Maryann;  BUTLER, John;  BUTLER, Mark;  BUTLER, Michael;  BUTTERLY, Brandon;  BYRNE, India;  BYRNE, Russel;  BYRNE, Sharon;  BYRNE, Sharyn


CABBAN, Gary; CACHINERO, Angelo;  CADGER, Jason;  CAERON, Aleksander;  CALDER, Aaron;  CALDER, Chris;  CALDER, Nathan;  CALLAGHAN, Tony;  CALLAN, Kerree;  CALLAWAY, Narelle;  CALLEJA, Mrs B.*;  CALLEJA, Patrice;  CALLEJA, Terese;  CALLOW, Andy;  CALLOW, Finn;  CALLOW, Halle;  CALLOW, Kirsty;  CALLOW, Phoebe;  CALLOW, Piper;  CAMERON, Sarah;  CAMERON, Tammy;  CAMPBELL, Catherine;  CAMPBELL, Darcy;  CAMPBELL, Elizabeth;  CAMPBELL, Graham;  CAMPBELL, Lilli;  CAMPBELL, Lorraine;  CAMPBELL, Mia;  CAMPBELL, Mr R.*;  CAMPBELL, Patrick;  CAMPBELL, Peter;  CAMPBELL, Reg;  CAMPBELL, Thomas;  CANKOVIC, Christina;  CARDEN, Mathew;  CARDILLO, Bernadette;  CARDILLO, Walter;  CAREY, Fiona;  CAREY, Neil;  CARIO, Morwenna;  CARIO, Rhea;  CARLON, Steven;  CARNEY, Elle;  CARR, Aiden;  CARRASCO, Belinda;  CARRASCO, Chris;  CARRASCO, Matthew;  CARRICK, Carmelle;  CARRICK, Dennis;  CARRICK, Eloise;  CARRICK, Justin;  CARRICK, Renee;  CARRICK, Simon;  CARRICK, Sue;  CARROLL, Nat;  CARSON, Scott;  CARTER, George;  CARTWRIGHT, James;  CASSAR, Lachlan;  CATTUNAR, Anton;  CATTUNAR, Martin;  CATTUNAR, Paul;  CAUSER, Mark;  CAUSER, Megan;  CAUSER, Mrs M.*;  CAUSERT, Julie;  CAVENAGH, Craig;  CAVENAGH, Janine;  CAVENAGH, Trent;  CAZZOLLI, Franco;  CECCHELE, Marah;  CECCHELE, Roman;  CECCHELE, Romana;  CECCHELE, Talia;  CEPERO, Anthony;  CHALLENGER, Sandra;  CHALLINER, Ken;  CHALLINOR, Ken;  CHAN, Kassandra;  CHAN, Kelly;  CHAN, Kimberly;  CHANDRA, Sapna;  CHANDRA, Seema;  CHAPMAN, Craig;  Chapman, Mary-Ann;  CHAPMAN, Mitchell;  CHAPMAN, Ryan;  CHAPMAN, Scott;  CHAPMAN, Shane;  CHARD, Denise;  CHARD, Kerry;  CHARD, Kevin;  CHEETHAM, Tony;  CHELLATHURAI, Elang;  CHENEY, Ashlee;  CHENEY, Scarlett;  CHERNICH, Lynette;  CHETCUTI, Marcus;  CHICHARO, Thomas;  CHICHKAN, Sandra;  CHICHKAN, Tracey;  CHIN, Lisa;  CHIN, Russell;  CHODAT, Lucas;  CHRISTIE, Andrew;  CHRISTOFIDES, Leila;  CHRISTOPHERSON, Clarry;  CIOT, Tiana;  CLABOUR, Georgia;  CLANCEY, Jennifer;  CLANCY, Jack;  CLANCY, Jennifer;  CLANCY, Jenny;  CLARIDGE, Douglas;  CLARIDGE, Edwina;  CLARK, Annette;  CLARK, Charles;  CLARK, Christopher;  CLARK, Giles;  CLARK, Jayden;  CLARK, Kenneth;  CLARK, Madeleine;  CLARK, Matthew;  CLARK, Nathan;  CLARK, Ryan;  CLARK, Simon;  CLARK, Steven;  CLARK, Sue;  CLARK, Victoria;  CLARK, William;  CLARKE, Adam;  CLARKE, Dylan;  CLARKE, Jason;  CLARKE, Karen;  CLARKE, Madeleine;  CLARKE, Peter;  CLARKE, Trent;  CLARKE, Warwick;  CLAY, James;  CLAYPOLE, David;  CLAYTON, Allan;  CLAYTON, Beverley;  CLEARY, Casey;  CLEARY, Jules;  CLEARY, Robert;  CLIFF, Mark;  CLINTON, Neil;  CLOTREY, Koadey;  CLOTTEY, Dzidula;  CLOTTEY, Kordey;  CLOUGH, Kynan;  CLULOW, Nicole;  COATIS-JONES, Louis;  COATIS-JONES, Megan;  COCHRAN, Reece;  COCHRANE, Darcy;  COCHRANE, Matthew;  COEN, Hayden;  COLE, Shane;  COLEMAN, Brenda;  COLEMAN, Brett;  COLEMAN, Myles;  COLEMAN, Owen;  COLEMAN, Terry;  COLLAERY, Emma;  COLLAERY, Simon;  COLLEY, Bricky;  COLLEY, Margot;  COLLEY, Paul;  COLLEY, Sandra;  COLLIER, Conor;  COLLIER, Kobe;  COLLINS, Ainsley;  COLLINS, Catherine;  COLLINS, Leanda;  COLLINS, Margaret;  COLLINS, Marylin;  COLMAN, Peter;  COLQUHOUN, Lisa;  COLTMAN, Maree;  COLVIN, Shane;  COLWELL, Anthony;  COMENSOLI, Andrew;  COMER, Bethany;  COMER, David;  COMER, Desmond;  COMER, Elivia;  COMER, Jemma;  COMER, Jennifer;  COMER, Laila;  CONDON, Ray;  CONI BEAR, Paul;  CONIBEAR, Paul;  CONLON, Melanie;  CONLON, Teneal;  CONNELL, Benn;  CONNELL, Cathy;  CONNELL, Daniel;  CONNELL, Erin;  CONNELL, Rhiannon;  CONNELL, Sharmelle;  CONNELL, Sharon;  CONNERTY, Murray;  CONNOLLY, Michael;  COOK, Alyssa;  COOK, Bradley;  COOK, Kelly;  COOK, Kieran;  COOK, Madeline;  COOK, Malcolm;  COOK, Sarah;  COOK, Scott;  COOK, Wayne;  COOKE, Aaron;  COOKE, Sharon;  COOMBES, Jenni;  COOMBY, Robert;  COONEY, Paul;  COPAS, Ellen;  COPAS, Mitchell;  CORBELT, Bradley;  CORE, Kim;  CORE, Melissa;  CORNFORD, Joshua;  CORTIS-JONES, Michael;  CORTIS-JONES, Peter;  COSTABILE, Allan;  COSTABILE, Victor;  COTTERELL, Jaqualine;  COUGHLIN, Aaron;  COURI, Hamid;  COUSINS, Ewan;  COUSINS, Wayne;  COUTTS-SMITH, Lauren;  COVENTRY, Graham;  COWGILL, Larni;  COWGILL, Nathan;  COWIE, Andrew;  COWIE, Peter;  COX, Abby;  COX, Jillian;  COX, Lisa;  COX, Maureen;  COX, Milton;  COX, Owen;  COX, Usa;  CRAIG, David;  CRAIG, Fiona;  CRAIG, Steven;  CRAM, Luke;  CRANDELL, Patrick;  CRANE, Lucas;  CRANSTON, Jodie;  CRANSTON, Mark;  CRANSTON, Michael;  CRANSTON, Mrs P.*;  CRAPIS, Carla;  CRAWFORD, Daniel;  CRAWFORD, Erin;  CRAWFORD, Vanessa;  CRIEGHTON, Gemma;  CRIGHTON, Gemma;  CRINGLE, Gavin;  CRINNION, Hannah;  CROOKHAM, Brian;  CROOKHAM, Carolyn;  CROOKHAM, Grahame;  CROOKHAM, Rodney;  CROPPER, John;  CROSS, Kevin;  CROSS, Ngaire;  CROUDSON, Tayla;  CRUICKSHANK, Jessica;  CUMMING, Cameron;  CUMMINS, Don;  CUMMINS, Kathleen;  CUMMINS, Mrs C.*;  CUNNINGHAM, Allan;  CUNNINGHAM, Christopher;  CUNNINGHAM, Emma;  CUNNINGHAM, Glenys;  CUNNINGHAM, Jake;  CUNNINGHAM, Jordan;  CUNNINGHAM, Mark;  CUNNINGHAM, Nicholas;  CUNNINGHAM, Rochelle;  CUNNINGHAM, Sharon;  CUNNINGHAM, Sherese;  CURIL, Denis;  CUTTILL, Guy;  CUTTILL, Matthew;  CUTTUNAR, Anton;  CUTTUNAR, Paul



DA SILVA, Catherine; DABROWSKI, Inah'maria;  DAL POZZO, Anthony;  DAL POZZO, Eliza;  DAL POZZO, Gianna;  DAL SANTO, Susan;  DALE-CARDEN, Zacharey;  DALEY, Michelle;  DALLA VECCHIA, Nicole;  DALLAS, Matt;  DALLEY, Cameron;  DALLEY, Erin;  DALLEY, Penny;  DALLY, Michael;  DALLY, Mrs E.*;  DALY, Anne;  DALY, Barry;  DALY, Cath;  DALY, Catherine;  DALY, Michael;  DAMIR, Emma-Louise;  DANIELS, Kardue;  DANIELS, Princess;  D'ARCY, April;  DARCY, David;  DARIN, James;  DAVEY, Emma;  DAVEY, Kimberley;  DAVEY, Lauren;  DAVEY, Peter;  DAVID, Gregory;  DAVID, Julie;  DAVIES, Allison;  DAVIES, Ava;  DAVIES, Chris;  DAVIES, Cohen;  DAVIES, Isabella;  DAVIES, Leila;  DAVIES, Peter;  DAVIES, Scott;  DAVIES, Scott Jnr;  DAVIES, Shaniah;  DAVIES, Taylah;  DAVIES, Tegan;  DAVIES, Terry;  DAVIES, Tixon;  DAVIES, Tony;  DAVIES, Tyson;  DAVIES, Wayne;  DAVIS, Jenny;  DAVIS, Paul;  DAVIS, Tony;  DAVISON, Kristi;  DAWSON, Harry;  DAWSON, Jean;  DAWSON, Joel;  DAWSON, Mimi;  DAWSON, Wendy;  DAY, Charmaine;  DAY, Renee;  DE FAVERI, Glen;  DE ROOY, Camille;  DE ROOY, Dean;  DE ROOY, Ron;  DEACON, Hannah;  DEALE, Jason;  DEALE, Natalie;  DEAN, Tracy;  DEANE, Keesha;  DEANE, Robert;  DECK, Adrian;  DEKANIC, Vera;  DEKKER, Nicholas;  DELAHUNTY, Michael;  DELANEY, Jared;  DELANEY, Kelly;  DELANEY, Paul;  DELANEY, Peter;  DELANEY, Tobias;  DELAVERIS, Elena;  DELVES, Cassie;  DELVES, Tegan;  DENCKER, Ian;  DENHARTOG, Eric;  DENNIS, Fiona;  DENNIS, Louise;  DENT, Sarah;  DENT, Wayne;  DENTON, Corey;  DENTON, Gaye;  DENTON, Kerry;  DENTON, Terri;  DEROOY, Camille;  DI CIACCIO, Christian;  DI PIETRO, Adam;  DI, Limei;  DIAS, Alexandra;  DICK, Adrian;  DICK, Clive*;  DICK, Elizabeth*;  DICK, Marilyn;  DICK, Robyn;  DICK, Sylvia;  DICKSON, Paul;  DIGENNI, Nicholas;  DIGGLE, Cameron;  DIGNAM, Daniel;  DIGNAM, Jan;  DIGNAM, Matthew;  DIGNAM, Paul;  DILEVA, Chris;  DILL, Brian;  DILL, Dianne;  DILL, Geoffrey;  DILL, Michael;  DILL, Stephen;  DILL, Tony;  DILLICH, Christina;  DILLICH, Tia;  DIVINE, Laurel;  DIXON, Nicola;  DOBBINS, Ashleigh;  DOBELL, Chris;  DOCHERTY, Karl;  DOCHERTY, Marissa;  DODDS, Sue;  DODDS, Toby;  DOE, Gussimo;  DOE, Weah;  DOHERTY, Barry;  DOHERTY, Bradley;  DOHERTY, Craig;  DONAHUE, Paul;  DONEY, Brett;  DONEY, Glenn;  DONEY, Mr Don*;  DONEY, Mrs S.*;  DONEY, Suzanne;  DONNELLY, Beth;  DONNELLY, James;  DONOHUE, Paul;  DOODSON, Michael;  DORAHY, Amy;  DORAHY, Cathryn;  DORAHY, Michael;  DORAHY, Sam;  DORRIAN, Linda;  DORRIAN, Myles;  DORRIAN, Patricia;  DOSSETOR, Elizabeth;  DOU, Victor;  DOUGHTY, Garry;  DOWD, Tracey;  DOWDELL, Anthony;  DOWDELL, John;  DOWDELL, Matthew;  DOWDELL, Stephen;  DOYLE, Judith;  DOYLE, Leonie;  DOYLE, Stephen;  DOYLE, Taryn;  DRABBLE, Dennis;  DRAGOVIC, Tony;  DRAKE, Riana;  DRANSFIELD, Steven;  DREIZI, Joanne;  DRIBBUS, Ashley;  DRIBUS, Andrea;  DRINKWATER, Natarla;  DROLC, Mark;  DROWER, Allison;  DROWER, Gavin;  DROWER, Martine;  D'ROZARIO, Pia;  DRYBURGH, Debbie;  DRYBURGH, Terry;  DUNCAN, Fiona;  DUNN, Elicia;  DUNNE, Charly-Rose;  DUNNE, Scarlett;  DUNNE, Tierney;  DUNNING, Alicia;  DUNNING, Donna;  DUNNING, Jamie;  DUNNING, Jeffrey;  DUXBURY, Tracy;  DWARTE, Glenn;  DWYER, Daniel;  DWYER, Farrah;  DWYER, Michelle;  DYER, Brett;  DYER, Jarrod;  DYER, Tarren



EAST, Sharon; EATON, Gabby;  EATON, Maddy;  EDMOND, Robert;  EDMONDS, Gerald;  EDMONDS, William;  EDNEY, Elise;  EDWARDS, Debbie;  EDWARDS, Jake;  EDWARDS, James;  EDWARDS, Jeffery;  EDWARDS, John;  EDWARDS, Jye;  EDWARDS, Keith;  EDWARDS, Shenay;  EDWARDS, Terri;  ELLEM, Brylee;  ELLEM, Myah;  ELLEM, Sarah;  ELLIOTT, Matthew;  ELLIOTT, Paul;  ELLIS, Christine;  ELLIS, Marian;  ELLIS, Sharon;  ELMS, Lauren;  EMERTON, Daniel;  EMR, David;  EMR, Gary;  EMR, Jeffery;  EMR, Kaye;  EMR, Leonie;  ENEHILIDIS, Elizabeth;  ERVY, Robert;  ESKRIDGE, Kyle;  EVANS, Arthur;  EVANS, Lauren;  EVANS, Richard;  EVANS, Stuart;  EVERETT, Mark;  EVERINGHAM, Skye;  EVERTON, Denise;  EVERTON, Freda;  EVERTON, Harry;  EVERTON, Mark;  EVES, Fiona;  EZEOKE, Chelsea



FAHY, Donna; FAHY, Lynne;  FAHY, Mrs B.*;  FAHY, Paul;  FANKE, Jake;  FANTASIA, Raffaele;  FARRINGTON, Suzzane;  FARROW, Harrison;  FEDERBUSCH, Mark;  FEENEY, John;  FEENEY, Julie;  FENECH, Amy;  FENECH, Emily;  FENECH, Hope;  FENECH, Paige;  FENECH, Patrick;  FENNELL, Ella;  FERNANDES, Dillon;  FERNANDES, Joshua;  FERRANDINO, Alex;  FERRANDINO, Angelo;  FERRANDINO, Melanie;  FERRIER, Nola;  FIKKERS, Anglea;  FILAN, Liam;  FILIPPI, Benjamin;  FILIPPI, Damian;  FILIPPI, John;  FINCH, Daniel;  FINDLAY, Neil;  FISHER, Mary;  FITTON, Alex;  FITTON, Lara;  FITZGERALD, Michelle;  FITZPATRICK, Benjamin;  FITZPATRICK, Bernadette;  FITZSIMMONDS, Eve;  FITZSIMMONDS, M.;  FITZWILLIAM, James;  FLEMING, Cheryl;  FLETCHER, Don;  FLETCHER, Jon;  FLETCHER, Shelley;  FOCK, Allegra;  FOCK, Naomi;  FORAN, Laurence;  FORBES, Mya;  FORD, Craig;  FORD, Grant;  FORD, Nadine;  FORMOSA, Tracey;  FORSCUTT, April;  FOSTER, Christian;  FOSTER, Kirsty;  FOSTER, Rebecca;  FOSTER, Shae;  FOWLER, Ben;  FOWLER, Jack;  FOWLER, Mark;  FOX, Karly;  FOX, Lara;  FOX, Phillip;  FOX, Rani;  FOX, Rodney;  FOX, Shari;  FOX, Suellen;  FOYE, Stephen;  FRANCE, Richard;  FRANCIS, Conrad;  FRANCIS, Maya;  FRANKLIN, Kristy;  FRANKS, Colin;  FRANKS, Jeanette;  FRASER, Cameron;  FRASER, Colin;  FRASER, Emily;  FRASER, Kelly;  FRASER, Kerry;  FRAZER, Kim;  FRAZIER, Carol;  FRAZIER, David;  FRAZIER, Jody;  FRAZIER, Renee;  FREEBURN, Nikita;  FREEME, Kurt;  FREEME, Ryan;  FREESTONE, Lara;  FREITAS, Sheree;  FRIER, Shaye-Lee;  FRKOVIC, Brooklan;  FRKOVIC, Darcey;  FRKOVIC, Philip;  FROST, Ian;  FULLER, Ben;  FURNEY, Lara;  FYFE, Laura



GALAGHER, James; GALAGHER, Rowan;  GALE, Leanne;  GALE, Mr P.*;  GALE, Mrs J.*;  GALLAGHER, Joshua;  GALLAGHER, Keetah;  GALLAGHER, Peter;  GAMBLE, Joshua;  GAMBLE, William;  GANASIN, Michael;  GANDY, Benjamin;  GANDY, Christopher;  GANDY, David;  GANDY, Elizabeth;  GANDY, Leisa;  GANDY, Nicholas;  GANDY, Peter;  GANDY, Rachel;  GANN, Margaret;  GANZENVOORT, Jenny;  GANZENVOORT, Karen;  GANZENVOORT, Michael;  GARDINER, Alison;  GARDINER, Dean;  GARDINER, Dorinda;  GARDINER, Michelle;  GARDINER, Sandra;  GARDINER, Trevor;  GARDNER, Alison;  GARDNER, Alysia;  GARDNER, Doerinda;  GARDNER, Rachel;  GARGETT, Grace;  GARGETT, Isaac;  GARGETT, Raymond;  GARRATT, Bailey;  GARRATT, Tyson;  GARRETTY, Susan;  GARSIA, Samara;  GAUDRY, Ian;  GAULT, Michael;  GEALE, Kent;  GEORGE, Mark;  GEORGES, Noah;  GERESIMOWICZ, Mira;  GIAMPIERI, Anna;  GIAMPIERI, Roberto;  GIBBONS, Raymond;  GIBSON, Gail;  GIBSON, Kieran;  GIBSON, Miss G.*;  GIBSON, Mr D.*;  GIBSON, Mrs Beryl*;  GIBSON, Shane;  GIBSON, Vikki;  GIFFORD, Nicholas;  GILBETT, Grant;  GILBETT, Jane;  GILBETT, Paul;  GILES, Anne;  GILL, Amy;  GILL, Diane;  GILL, Jenny;  GILL, Mr A.*;  GILLEN, Anthony;  GILLEN, Christopher;  GILLEN, Steven;  GILLON, James;  GILLON, Russell;  GILMORE, Jane;  GILMORE, Warren;  GILROY, Colleen;  GILROY, Geoffrey;  GILROY, Robert;  GITTENS, Ailsa;  GIUSTI, Nadia;  GLOVER, Angus;  GLYNN, Jo-Ann;  GLYNN, Robyn;  GOLDSMITH, Norman;  GOLDSWORTHY, Malcolm;  GOLDSWORTHY, Shirley;  GOMBOSO, Jeanette;  GOMES, Sarah;  GOODE, Mark;  GOODFELLOW, David;  GOODFELLOW, John;  GOODHEW, Phillip;  GOODRIDGE, Rodney;  GOODWIN, Megan;  GOODWIN, Mr Ted*;  GOODWIN, Mrs Jou*;  GOODWIN, Narelle;  GOODY, Hayden;  GOODY, Jake;  GOODY, Lochlan;  GOODY, Tiarne;  GORDON, Justin;  GORDON-SMITH, Sascha;  GORHAM, James;  GORHAM, Kate;  GORRELL, Bryce;  GORRELL, Kent;  GORRELL, Trevor;  GOVERS, Gary;  GOVERS, Ian;  GOWERS, Leanne;  GRACE, Loretta;  GRAHAM, Benjamin;  GRAHAM, Colin;  GRAHAM, Lorette;  GRANT, Aaron;  GRANT, Andy;  GRANT, Olivia;  GRANT, Robert;  GRANTER, Matthew;  GRAY, Brendon;  GRAY, Jeremy;  GRAY, Malcolm;  GRAY, Virgina;  GRAYSON, Cody;  GREEN, Grant;  GREEN, Jake;  GREEN, John;  GREEN, Julie-Ann;  GREEN, Karen;  GREENLAND, Scott;  GREGORY, Chris;  GREGORY, David;  GREIG, Ian;  GRIEGG, Julie-Ann;  GRIEGG, Mr W.*;  GRIEGG, Mrs H.*;  GRIFFITHS, Andrew;  GRIFFITHS, Lynette;  GRIFFITHS, Shelley;  GRIMM, Angela;  GRIMM, Ann;  GRIMM, Debbie;  GRIMM, James;  GRIMM, Matthew;  GRIMM, Michael;  GRIMM, Nicole;  GRIMM, Simon;  GRIMM, Tony;  GRIMSON, Bradd;  GROOMBRIDGE, Paul;  GROSE, Ariel;  GROSE, Bree;  GROSE, Elli;  GROSE, Kelli;  GROZDE, Connar;  GUALA, Michael;  GUDGEON, Rachael;  GUTHRIE, Dana;  GUTHRIE, Tanya;  GUY, Erin;  GUY, Lorraine;  GUYATT, Michael;  GYNGELL, Sally;  GYNGELL, Stuart



HABERLEY, Lesley; HADAYA, Aymen;  HADAYA, Janna;  HADDON, Alannah;  HALE, Mark;  HALL, Charlotte;  HALL, Jonathan;  HALL, Keegan;  HALL, Michael;  HALL, Simon;  HALLAM, Clare;  HALLAM, Laura;  HALLORAN, Jane;  HALLORAN, Liam;  HAMBLIN, Michael;  HAMBROOK, Justin;  HAMBROOK, Nicole;  HAMER, Christopher;  HAMER, David;  HAMER, Meagan;  HAMMOND, Catherine;  HANCOCK, Michelle;  HANIGAN, Emily;  HANIGAN, Karen;  HANIGAN, Kim;  HANIGAN, Mark;  HANIGAN, Noah;  HANLEY, Peter;  HANNAN, Bernard;  HANNAN, Josephine;  HANNAN, Leon;  HANNAN, Martine;  HANNAN, Sally;  HANNAN, Stephanie;  HANNINGTON, Kristen;  HANSEN, Anthony;  HANSEN, David;  HANSEN, Donna;  HANSEN, John;  HANSEN, Karen;  HANSEN, Kate;  HANSEN, Sally;  HAPP, Carlie;  HAPP, Kayne;  HAPP, Susan*;  HARDING, Tania;  HARDY, Matthew;  HARDY, Rachael;  HARGREAVES, Brendan;  HARGREAVES, Tracy;  HARGREAVES, Yvonne;  HARKIN, Robyn;  HARLAND, Martin;  HARLAND, Tate;  HARMEY, Simon;  HARPER, Margaret;  HARPER, Neil;  HARRINGTON, Rory;  HARRIS, Andrew;  HARRIS, Ashley;  HARRIS, Michael;  HARRIS, Peter;  HARRIS, Susan;  HARRISON, Edward;  HARRISON, Jeremy;  HARRISON, Robert;  HARTGERS, Paul;  HARTNETT, Leanne;  HARTNETT, Peter;  HARVEY, Fay;  HASLER, Blake;  HASLER, Marcus;  HASWELL, Garry;  HATCHER, Adrian;  HATHAWAY, Jennifer;  HAWKESBY, Kelsie;  HAYDON, Liz;  HAYMAN, Danielle;  HAYNES, Jana Lee;  HAYWARD, John;  HAYWARD, Peter;  HAYWARD, Rosemary;  HAYWARD, Stuart;  HAZELGROVE, Lee;  HEAD, Joshua;  HEAD, Matthew;  HEAD, Stephen;  HEADRICK, Ella;  HEALEY, Tegan;  HEARN, Benjamin;  HEATHCOTE, Alan;  HECKBARALLY, Nazia;  HECKBARALLY, Rehana;  HEFFERNAN, John;  HEGGEN, Glenda;  HEGGEN, Helise;  HEGGEN, Mariel;  HEGGIE, Kathy;  HEINEMANN, Helen;  HEINEMANN, Mr V.*;  HEINEMANN, Mrs V.*;  HEINER, Madeline;  HELLENAN, Ian;  HELMER, Matthew;  HEMMINGWAY, Breanna;  HENDERSON, Janice;  HENDERSON, Liam;  HENDERSON, Nathan;  HENDERSON, Ray;  HENDRICKS, Mary;  HENNESSY, Desley;  HENNESSY, Garth;  HENNESSY, James;  HENNESSY, Matthew;  HENNIKER, Alix;  HENNIKER, Thomas;  HENSEN, Jason;  HENSEN, Louise;  HERBERT, Leanne;  HERITAGE, Sailina;  HERITAGE, Tobias;  HERMANN, Robert;  HERNANDEZ, Kim;  HERNANDEZ, Robert;  HEWITT, Christopher;  HEWITT, Jane;  HEWITT, Jennifer;  HEWITT, Joshua;  HEWITT, Sarah;  HEWITT, Timothy;  HEWSON, Edward;  HEWSON, Ronald;  HEYMAN, Darren;  HEYWOOD, Jordan;  HEYWOOD, Natalie;  HEYWOOD, Zachary;  HICK, Hayley;  HICKEY, Belinda;  HICKEY, Joanne;  HICKMAN, David;  HICKMAN, Janine;  HIGGINS, Will;  HILDER, Peter;  HILL, Christine;  HILL, Janet;  HINDMARSH, Jennifer;  HINDMARSH, John;  HINDMARSH, Kerryn;  HINE, Isaac;  HINTON, Anthony;  HIRST, Finley;  HIRST, Paige;  HISCOX, Donna;  HOBBS, Clifford;  HOBBS, Colin;  HOBBS, Dale;  HOBBS, Grant;  HOBBS, Mark;  HOBBS, Nicole;  HOBBS, Shane;  HODGE, Joel;  HODGE, Kayla;  HODGE, Marnie;  HODGEKISS, Jodie;  HODGEKISS, Stacey;  HODGSON, Kim;  HODGSON, Lex;  HODGSON, Mr G.*;  HODSDEN, Andrew;  HODSDEN, David;  HODSDEN, Sharon;  HOEBERGEN, Jaimee-Lee;  HOGAN, Marnie;  HOGAN, Michael;  HOGG, Ashleigh;  HOGG, Corey;  HOGG, Gloria;  HOGG, Jessica;  HOGG, Joanne;  HOGG, John;  HOGG, Sophie;  HOLBROOK, Justin;  HOLE, Gabriel;  HOLLAND, Jenna;  HOLLAND, Leonie-Ann;  HOLLAND, Robin;  HOLLAND, Tony;  HOLLANDS, Katherine;  HOLLANDS, Rebecca;  HOLMES, Paige;  HOLT, Evan;  HOLTHUIS, Hanl;  HOLZE, Joanne;  HOMAN, Jonathan;  HONEYSETT, Lesley;  HONEYSETT, Robert;  HONEYSETT, Terri;  HONNER, Nakita;  HOOD, Megan;  HOOD, Penny;  HOOGENDOOM, Ben;  HOPKINS, Jack;  HORNBY, Scott;  HORNBY, Shane;  HORNEMAN, Glenn;  HOSCHKE, Luke;  HOSKING, Hannah;  HOUGH, Matthew;  HOUGH, Tiarna;  HOUGHTON, Andrew;  HOUGHTON, Christine;  HOUGHTON, Elissa;  HOUGHTON, Mark;  HOUGHTON, Mr R.*;  HOWARD, Andrew;  HOWARTH, Gregory;  HOWE, Douglas;  HOWE, Mathew;  HUDSON, Jill;  HUDSON, Rachelle;  HUDSON, Sally;  HUDSON, Trevor;  HUETTEL, Katy;  HUGGET, Kim;  HUGGET, Michael;  HUGGINS, Jason;  HUGGINS, Rochele;  HUGGINS, Victor;  HUGHES, Adam;  HUGHES, Ann;  HUGHES, Anneli;  HUGHES, Anthony;  HUGHES, Cheryl;  HUGHES, Joseph;  HUGHES, Kelsey;  HUGHES, Kevin;  HUGHES, Michael;  HUGHES, Ron;  HULL, Rick;  HULZE, Dawn;  HUMPHIES, Laura;  HUMPHRIES, Alana;  HUMPHRIES, Julie;  HUMPHRIES, Laura;  HUNT, Jarrod;  HUNT, Reegan;  HUNTER, Luke;  HURRY, Campbell;  HURST, Nathan;  HURST, Taylah;  HUTCHINS, Jill;  HUTCHINS, Paul;  HUTCHISON, Emma;  HUTCHISON, Mathew;  HUTTON, Allan;  HUYNH, Tony;  HVALICA, Simon;  HYAM, Jordan



IANELLA, Susanna;  IANNELLA, Susanna;  ILES, Lisa;  ILIFFE, Harrison;  INVERNON, Dean;  INVERNON, Jason;  IOPPOLO, Alessandro;  IRVINE, Jay;  ISEDALE, Grant;  ISEDALE, L;  IVANOV, Dominique;  IVANOV, Sebastian



JACKSON, Aaron; JACKSON, Chelsey-Rose;  JACKSON, Gregory;  JACKSON, Joshua;  JACOB, Kay;  JACOBSON, Sophie;  JAGUS, Johannes;  JAGUS, Mr Endel*;  JAGUS, Peeter;  JAMES, Allan;  JAMES, David;  JAMES, Dianne;  JAMES, John;  JAMES, Lily;  JAMES, Luke;  JAMES, Michael;  JAMES, Peter;  JANSEN, Makayla;  JANSONS, Luke;  JARDIM, India;  JENKINS, Byron;  JENKINS, Carol;  JENKINS, Grace*;  JENKINS, Peter;  JENKINSON, Stuart;  JENKISON, Lyndon;  JENNETT, Gerard;  JENNETT, John;  JOHANSON, Lara;  JOHNS, Kane;  JOHNSON, Craig;  JOHNSON, David;  JOHNSON, Geoffery;  JOHNSON, Hollie;  JOHNSON, Tracy;  JOHNSTON, Debra;  JOHNSTON, Ian;  JOHNSTON, Jarryd;  JOHNSTON, Jayne;  JOHNSTON, Susan;  JOHNSTON, Tracy;  JOLLIFFE, Thomas;  JONES, Brendan;  JONES, Caitlin;  JONES, Cheyne;  JONES, Daniel;  JONES, Debbie;  JONES, Julie-Ann;  JONES, Mandy;  JONES, Melissa;  JONES, Michael;  JONES, Mrs D.*;  JONES, Peter;  JONES, Rachael;  JONES, Samuel;  JONES, Sandra;  JONES, Shaun;  JONES, Terrence;  JONES, Terry;  JONES, Tracey;  JONES, Troy;  JORDAN, Gabriele;  JOY, Amy;  JOY, Caitlin;  JOY, Lillian;  JOY, Thomas;  JOYCE, Rebecca;  JOYCE, Rhiannon;  JOYCE, Taylor;  JUDD, Kylie;  JUDD, Mark;  JUDD, Natalie



KAIN, Hayley; KAIN, Marcus;  KALNIN, Richard;  KARAGEORGIADIS, George;  KARAGEORGIADIS, Kon;  KATSOUDAS, Natasha;  KAWALLA, Alisha;  KAY, Amanda;  KAY, John;  KAY, John (Jr);  KAY, Marie;  KAY, Rebecca;  KEAT, Robert;  KEECH, Adrian;  KEEN, Ruby;  KEEN, Ryan;  KEEPIN, Malcolm;  KEER, Graham;  KELLY, Catherine;  KELLY, Even;  KELLY, Jem;  KELLY, Joanne;  KELLY, John;  KELLY, Peter;  KELSO, Michael;  KELSO, Noosho;  KENNEDY, Aidan;  KENNEDY, Geoffery;  KENNERLEY, Ian;  KENNERLY, Ian;  KENT, Suzanne;  KENTWELL, Joshua;  KEOGH, Andrew;  KEOGH, Catherine;  KEOGH, Vicky;  KERIN, Charles;  KERIN, Michael;  KERIN, Mr Michael*;  KERR, Caroline;  KERR, Chantelle;  KERR, Dean;  KERR, Gary;  KERR, Graham;  KERR, James;  KERR, Matthew;  KERR, Mr A.*;  KERR, Mrs Joan*;  KERR, Robyn;  KERR, Stephen;  KERSHAW, Gai;  KERSHAW, Karah;  KERSHAW, Lisa;  KERSHAW, Sophie;  KERSTEN, Ben;  KERSTEN, Joshua;  KERSTEN, Tim;  KERSTEN, Timothy;  KHAYAT, Hayley;  KHOURY, Jim;  KIDD, Deanna;  KIDD, Levi;  KIDD, Natalie;  KIDD, Peter;  KIDD, Tarni;  KIDD, Zali;  KIELY, Terri-Ann;  KINNEAR, Jennifer;  KINNEAR, John;  KINNEAR, Mr J.*;  KIRK, Jordon;  KIRK, Lachlan;  KIRK, Ronald;  KIRK, Thomas;  KITCHEN, Peter;  KIVIKKO, Troy;  KJAERSTAD, Paal;  KLAUS, Mark;  KLAUS, Robert;  KLIMEVSKI, Sasho;  KNEALE, Naomi;  KNIGHT, Paul;  KOKIOUSIS, Joanna;  KOLEGA, Danny;  KOSTADINOVSKI, Ashleigh;  KOSTER, Ella;  KOTEVSKI, Alex;  KRAMER, Frances;  KRAMER, Horst;  KRAMER, Regina;  KRAMER, Roger;  KRAMER, Rolf;  KRISTIANSEN, John;  KRISTIANSEN, Kerry;  KRISTIANSEN, Mrs P.*;  KUCELJ, Vlado;  KUHN, Isabel;  KURIAKOUDES, Maria;  KUZMIC, Porsha-lily



LAAJOKI, Anneli; LAAJOKI, Jaakko;  LAAJOKI, Minna;  LAAJOKI, Petri;  LACEY, Adam;  LACEY, Michelle;  LACKENBY, Jennifer;  LACKENBY, Paul;  LAFANO, Lawrence;  LAGENDAM, Cara;  LAIDLAW, Christopher;  LAMBERT, Rachel;  LAMBERT, Ryan;  LANGDON, Drew;  LANGDON, Flynn;  LANGDON, Matthew;  LANGENDAM, Cara;  LANGHORN, Derek;  LANGRIDGE, Antony;  LANGRIDGE, Ian;  LANGRIDGE, Timothy;  LANGTON, Owen;  LANTRY, Austen;  LANYON, Mya;  LATIMER, Julie;  LATIMER, Tracey;  LATINI, Ji;  LAUSZ, Melanie;  LAUTIER, Amber;  LAUTIER, April;  LAUTIER, Renae;  LAUTIER, Reno;  LAUTIER, Ryan;  LAVALLE, Alexandra;  LAVIS, Daniel;  LAWLER, Daniel;  LAWLER, Kaitlin;  LAWLESS, Natalie;  LAWLESS, Renee;  LAWRENCE, David;  LAWRENCE, Kurt;  LAWRENCE, Paul;  LAWRENCE, Rylee;  LAWRENCE, William;  LAWSON, Ken;  LAWSON, Levi;  LEAL, David;  LEAL, Suzanne;  LEAR, Clare;  LEAR, Janelle;  LEAR, Michael;  LEAR, Nadene;  LEAR, Wayne;  LEE, Fleur;  LEE, Kevin;  LEE, Rodney;  LEED, Joy;  LEEDHAM, Scott;  LEES, Sarah;  LEESON, Brodie;  LEET, Stephen;  LEFFLEY, Paul;  LEFFLEY, Tina;  LEFFLEY, Wayne;  LEGLISE, Crystal;  LEGLISE, Debra;  LEINER, Darren;  LEMENKUELER, Angela;  LENARTOWICZ, Jackie;  LENNARY, Harry;  LENTON, Brian;  LERCH, Julie;  LESO, Marissa;  LESTER, Grant;  LESTER, Ronald;  LETTMAN, Cathy;  LETTMAN, Kevin;  LEVETT, Steven;  LEVY, Martin;  LEWIS, Daniel;  LEWIS, Robert;  LEWIS, Stephen;  LEYDON, Rodney;  LEYLAND, Malcolm;  LI, Audi;  LI, Mandy;  LIE, Charlotte;  LIGHTFFOT, Daniel;  LIGHTFOOT, Daniel;  LIGHTFOOT, Margaret;  LIGHTFOOT, Matthew;  LIGHTFOOT, Natalie;  LIGHTFOOT, Rick;  LIGTHFOOT, Matthew;  LINARI, Harry;  LINARO, Ariano;  LINDEMAN, Wayne;  LINFOOT, Michael;  LINK, Isaac;  LINK, Jason;  LINK, Jett;  LINTURN, Andrea;  LINTURN, Julie;  LITTLE, Max;  LIVERMORE, Jonath;  LIVERMORE, Jonathan;  LIVINGSTON, Michael;  LIVINGSTON, Peter;  LLANDRES, Kervie;  LLANDRES, Monena;  LLEWELLYN, Christiaan;  LLOYD, Erika;  LLOYD, Greg;  LLOYD, Kerrin;  LOADER, Trina;  LOANE, Marcus;  LOBB, Alex;  LOBB, Liz;  LOCHHEAD, Cathryn;  LOCKE, Stephen;  LOCKETT, Kirra;  LOCLCE, Stephen;  LODGE, Cameron;  LOFANO, Lawrence;  LOGUE, Brendan;  LONGHURST, Mark;  LONGRIDGE, Ian;  LOOSEMORE, Elliot;  LOPEZ, Jake;  LORNE, Edward;  LOVATT, Adam;  LOVATT, Adrian;  LOVEGROVE, William;  LOVSTAD, Cassandra;  LOVSTAD, Peter;  LOWN, Samuel;  LOZANO, Isac;  LOZANO, Liam;  LUFF, Colin;  LUSCOMBE, Robbie;  LYN TAKACS, Caiti;  LYNCH, Mark;  LYON, Christopher



MacDONALD, Ashleigh; MacDONALD, Daniel;  MacDONALD, Edith;  MacDONALD, Hamish;  MacDONNELL, Bon;  MacDONNELL, Bonnie;  MacDONNELL, Grant;  MacDONNELL, Samuel;  macEY, Rhys;  MacKAY, Ashton;  MacKAY, Corinne;  MacKAY, David;  MacKAY, Duncan;  MacKAY, Elizabeth;  MacKAY, Madison;  MacKAY, Stuart;  MacKAY, Tayler;  MacKEY, Amber;  MacKEY, Boden;  MacKEY, Thomas;  macKINLEY, Imogen;  macPHERSON, Graham;  MADDEN, Frank;  MADDISON, Elizabeth;  MADDISON, Win*;  MADRY, Angelique;  MAGUIRE, Craig;  MAHER, Mackenzie;  MAKIN, Nicole;  MALABY, Anneli;  MALLOWS, Michelle;  MALOUF, Annabel;  MANGELSDORF, Helen;  MANGLES, Tony;  MANNIX, Amanda;  MANNIX, Brian;  MARCH, Nathan;  MARCH, Nicky;  MARCZAN, Vanessa;  MARCZAN, Wendy;  MARGETSON, Claire;  MARGETSON, Samantha;  MARIS, Richard;  MARKHAM, Steven;  MARKHAM, Susan;  MARKOVIC, Gordon;  MARKOVSKI, Mikaela;  MARKS, Robby;  MARRIOTT, Gabrielle;  MARRIOTT, Ruby;  MARSH, John;  MARSH, Michael;  MARSH, Suzanne;  MARSHAL, Lachlin;  MARSHALL, Lachlan;  MARSHALL, Mrs V.*;  MARSHALL, Ross;  MARSHALL, Sharyn;  MARSHALL, Stuart;  MARTELOZZO, Michael;  MARTIE, Jodie;  MARTIN, Anthony;  MARTIN, Kim;  MARTIN, Mr Norman*;  MARTIN, Patrick;  MARTIN, Rick;  MARTIN, Ross;  MARTIN, Sue;  MARTIN, Tim;  MARWICK, Robyn;  MASON, Daniel;  MASON, Stuart;  MATHIESON, Haylee;  MATHIESON, Kevin;  MATLIOSKI, David;  MATTERS, Beth;  MATTHEWS, Christine;  MATTHEWS, Denise;  MATTHEWS, James;  MATTHEWS, Jason;  MATTHIESON, Irene;  MAWSON, Chloe;  MAY, Katherine;  MAYNES, Michael;  MAYNES, Nikki;  MAZEJKO, Mark;  McAULEY, Louise;  McAULEY, Mr Vincent*;  McAULEY, Phillip;  McAULEY, Robert;  McBARRON, Ian;  McBRIDE, Erin;  McBRIDE, Liam;  McCABE, Brooke;  McCABE, Chris;  McCABE, Dylan;  McCABE, Hollyanne;  McCABE, Ryley;  McCABE-FORD, Hollyanne;  McCALLUM, John;  McCANN, Kerryn;  McCARTHY, Alexandra;  McCLAFFERTY, David;  McCLAFFERTY, Michelle;  McCLATCHIE, William;  McCLELLAND, Barry;  McCLELLAND, Maureen;  McCLELLAND, Michael;  McCLELLAND, Neil;  McCLELLAND, Nerida;  McCLELLAND, Susan;  McCLOY, Lisa;  McCONNELL, Mark;  McCONNVILLE, Phillip;  McCORmacK, Jacqueline;  McCOY, Jacob;  McCOY, Jorgia;  McCRACKEN, Bruce;  McCULLUM, Catherine;  McCULLUM, Justine;  McDONAGH, Sierra;  McDONALD, Allan;  McDONALD, Ian;  McEWAN, Alastair;  McEWAN, Ben;  McEWAN, Donna;  McEWAN, Georgia;  McEWAN, Glenn;  McEWAN, Jenny;  McEWAN, Karen;  McEWAN, Olivia-Rose;  McEWAN, Sam;  McEWAN, Tim;  McEWAN, Vicki;  McGARRY, Alana;  McGARRY, Carol;  McGARRY, Howard;  McGARRY, Joseph;  McGARRY, Kevin;  McGEE, Robyn;  McGILVRAY, Karen;  McGOVERN, Jenny;  McGOVERN, Michael;  McGOVERN, Peter;  McGRATH, Brian;  McGRATH, Christopher;  McGRATH, Ebony;  McGRATH, Setanta;  McGREGOR, Dean;  McGREGOR, Michael;  McGUIGAN, Elle;  McGUIRE, Laurence;  McILRATH, Elizabeth;  McINTYRE, Peter;  McIVER, Carlie;  McKAY, Bernadette;  McKAY, Christine;  McKAY, Gary;  McKAY, Joshua;  McKENNA, Michael;  McKENZIE, Ben;  McKENZIE, Kylie;  McKENZIE, Terry;  McKEOWN, India;  McKIE, Elisha;  McKILLOP, Jye;  McKINNON, Suzie;  McKUNE, Dinah;  McKUNE, Sarah;  McLACHLAN, Helen;  McLAREN, Anika;  McLAREN, David;  McLAREN, George;  McLAREN, Peter;  MCLAUREN, Anika;  MCLAUREN, David;  MCLAUREN, George;  McLAURIN, Craig;  McLEAD, Bernadette;  McLEARIE, Annie;  McLELLAN, Michael;  McLELLAND, Barry;  McLEOD, Paul;  McMAHON, Allan;  McMAHON, Kieran;  McMAHON, Louisa;  McMAHON, Melanie;  McMAHON, Patrick;  McMAHON, Sally;  McMICHAEL, Tony;  McMILLAN, Neil;  McMINN, Keith;  McMULLAN, Lynda;  McNAIR, Peter;  McNAMARA, Kirsty;  McNAMARRA, Nicole;  McNEILL, Rory;  McNEILL, Sally;  McNEILL, Stuart;  McNICOL, Ian;  McPHEARSON, Mary-Ann;  McPHERSON, Graeme;  McQUEENEY, Janette;  McQUINN, Anthony;  McQUINN, Garry;  McQUINN, Ross;  McSHANE, Paul;  McSHANE, Stephen;  McVEIGH, Ben;  McWHIRR, Narrel;  McWHIRR, Scott;  McWHIRR, Thomas;  MEAD, John;  MEAKINS, David;  MEDLEY, Bruce;  MEEHAN, Michelle;  MEEHAN, Simon;  MEENA, Olivia;  MELFI, Cailee;  MELKERTS, Jackson;  MELKERTS, Luke;  MELKERTS, Reece;  MELLEUISH, Alice;  MEPHAN, Jennifer;  MERCER, Kristin;  MERCER, Sandra;  MERJAN, Alex;  MERJAN, Elias;  MERRALLS, Anita;  MERRALLS, Kim;  METCALF, Andrew;  METCALF, Cyan;  METCALF, Don;  METCALF, Elaine;  METCALF, Paul;  METCALF, Simon;  METCALFE, Paul;  METHVEN, Noah;  METZIKIS, Effie;  MEYER, Mr R. *;  MEYER, Robert;  MICHALOPOULOS, Anastasia;  MIDGLEY, Sam;  MIHAJLOVIC, Alexander;  MILANDER, Scott;  MILLER, Graeme;  MILLER, Justin;  MILLER, Mr R.*;  MILLER, Sharon;  MILLER, Stuart;  MILLER, Tony;  MILLS, Byran;  MILLS, Christine;  MILLS, Glen;  MILLS, Jamie;  MILLS, Kellie-Ann;  MILLS, Pamela;  MILLS, Rebecca;  MILSOM, Aaron;  MISKELLY, Tom;  MITCHELL, Beverley;  MITCHELL, Jennifer;  MITCHELL, Neil;  MITREVSKI, Chris;  MOBBS, Stephen;  MOERMAN, Amy;  MOFFITT, Fiona;  MOFFITT, Glen;  MOIR, Celest;  MOLLER, Peter;  MONRO, Josh;  MONTEFIORE, Louise;  MONTEFIORE, Wayne;  MONTGOMERY, Blake;  MONTGOMERY, Emma;  MONTGOMERY, John;  MONTGOMERY, Kate;  MONTGOMERY, Linda;  MONTGOMERY, Mitchell;  MONTGOMERY, Scott;  MOORE, Cathy;  MOORE, Dianne;  MOORE, Kailee;  MOORE, Marc;  MOORE, Nicole;  MOORT, Steven;  MORATH, Emily;  MORATH, Michael;  MORATH, Mike;  MORATH, Sam;  MORETON, Andrew;  MORETON, Chris;  MORGAN, Barbara;  MORGAN, Brett;  MORGAN, Carl;  MORGAN, Craig;  MORGAN, Emma;  MORGAN, John;  MORGAN, Matthew;  MORGAN, Michaela;  MORGAN, Patricia;  MORGAN, Richard;  MORLEY, Saxby;  MORRIS, Peter;  MORRISBY, Alec;  MORRISON, Tegan;  MOSS, Brendon;  MOSS, Daniel;  MOSS, Tim;  MOSTYN, Peter;  MOULDS, Renae;  MOUSDALE, Tarryn;  MOWBRAY, Brad;  MOWBRAY, Graeme;  MOWBRAY, Jennai;  MOWBRAY, Sian;  MOXHAM, Kirralee;  MOXHAM, Taliah;  MOXHAM, Teresha;  MUELLER, Robert;  MUIR, Bradley;  MUIR, Jimmy;  MUIR, Shaun;  MULAYIM, Ekrem;  MULLAN, Marie;  MULLIGAN, Mark;  MULLIGAN, Robert;  MULLIGAN, Susan;  MULQUEENEY, Lisa;  MULQUIN, Leslie;  MULREADY, Susan;  MUNDAY, Adam;  MUNDY, Bronwyn;  MUNDY, Julie;  MUNOY, Bronwyn;  MUNRO, Adam;  MUNRO, Travis;  MURADA, Lauren;  MURDOCK, Graham;  MURPHY, Benjamin;  MURPHY, Deborah;  MURPHY, MICHELLE;  MURPHY, Pauline;  MURPHY, Steven;  MURRAY, Leanne;  MURRAY, Tina;  MURRAY, Warrick;  MURRELL, Jason;  MURRELL, Rodney;  MURRIE, Andrew;  MURRIE, Mr J.*;  MURTY, Scott;  MUZEVIC, Tommy;  MYERS, Angela



NAJIB BAROUDI, Noah; NASH, Beauden;  NASTOVSKI, Alyssa;  NAURUSCHAT, Carly;  NAURUSCHAT, Tracey;  NEAL, Alison;  NEAL, Christopher;  NEAL, David;  NEALE, Daniel;  NECOVSKI, Amber;  NECOVSKI, Tanaya;  NEILSON, Angie;  NEILSON, Kris;  NEILSON, William;  NELSON, Mr V.*;  NELSON, Neil;  NEUKAMM, Jonathan;  NEUKAMM, Katinka;  NEWMAN, Kaine;  NEWTON, Allison;  NEWTON, Brianna;  NEWTON, Connor;  NEWTON, Gwyneth;  NEWTON, Libby;  NG, Matthew;  NICEFORO, Lloyd;  NICEFORO, Lynette;  NICHOLAS, Brieanna;  NICHOLS, Melissa;  NIELSON, Angie;  NIERLE, Matthew;  NIKODITEVIC, Jenny;  NIPPERESS, Joy;  NIPPRESS, Joy;  NIVEN, Peter;  NORDHOFF, Evelyn;  NORDHOFF, Jesse;  NORDHOFF, Marjorie;  NORMAN, Larraine;  NORRIS, Janelle*;  NORRIS, Kaye;  NORRIS, Megan;  NOVY, David;  NOVY, Jaroslov;  NUEKAMM, Katinka



OAKENTAL, Caleb; OAKLEY, Bridget;  OBORN, Bradley;  O'BRIEN, Andrew;  O'BRIEN, Christopher;  O'BRIEN, Isaac;  O'BRIEN, Michael;  O'BRIEN, Timothy;  O'CONNOR, Cheryl;  O'CONNOR, Robyn;  O'CONNOR, Ronald;  O'CONNOR, Rosemary;  O'CONNOR, Steven;  ODAK-FLANAGAN, Luka;  O'DEA, Ashton;  O'DONNELL, Hadin;  OGILVIE, Kristie;  OGNENOVSKI, John;  OGNENOVSKI, Robert;  O'GRADY, Kristie;  O'GRADY, Philippa;  O'HARA, Belinda;  O'HARA, Monique;  OLIVER, Amy;  OLIVER, Daniel;  OLIVER, Robbie;  OLSEN, Karen;  OLSEN, Narelle;  O'NEIL, Ashleigh;  O'NEIL, Ashley;  O'NEILL, Luke;  ONOFRI, Marina;  ONOFRI, Mario;  OOODSON, Michael;  ORD, Deborah;  ORPHIN, Ray;  ORTON, Neil;  OSBORNE, Jessica;  O'TOOLE, Dianne;  O'TOOLE, Shaun;  OTSYULA, Emma;  OWEN, Vincent



PADAS, Michael; PAGE, Patricia;  PAINE, Leanne;  PAINE, Robyn;  PAINE, Toni;  PALLONE, Austin;  PALLONE, Ruby;  PALMER, Darryl;  PALMER, Denise;  PALMER, Glen;  PALMER, John;  PALMER, Katharine;  PALMER, Maureen;  PALMER, Mr R.*;  PANAYIOTOU, Lucas;  PANAYIOTOU, Thomas;  PANDELUS, Matthew;  PAOLONI, Corie;  PAOLONI, Ellie;  PAOLONI, Nathan;  PAPAC, Josef;  PAPATHEOFANOUS, Eleni;  PAPATHEOFANOUS, Harold;  PAPATHEOFANOUS, Timothy;  PARK, Ella;  PARK, Jennifer;  PARKER, Alexandra;  PARKER, Amanda;  PARKER, Stephen;  PARKINSON, Jason;  PARKS, Alyssa;  PARKS, Isaac;  PARMENTER, Lisa;  PARRISH, Dominique;  PARRISH, Noreen;  PARSONS, Michael;  PARSONS, Mr B.*;  PARSONS, Neil;  PARTLAND, Paul;  PARTRIDGE, Lauren;  PASAGIC, Letitia;  PASAGIC, Shenai;  PATERSON, Jack;  PATERSON, Ruby-Lee;  PATHER, Natasha;  PATHER, Taylah;  PATON, Sharon;  PATRICK, Ben;  PATRICK, Louise;  PATTERSON, Kate;  PATTERSON, Katie-Louise;  PATTERSON, Lachlan;  PATTERSON, Vaughan;  PEACE, Zachary;  PEARCE, Helen;  PEARSE, Pat;  PEARSON, Ian;  PEARSON, Malcolm;  PEARSON, Ron;  PEARSON, William;  PEASE, David;  PEASE, Denise;  PECK, Nicole;  PECK, Samantha;  PEDRICK, Mr R.*;  PEGG, Alan;  PEGG, Danielle;  PENNINGTON, Isabella;  PENNINGTON, Nigel;  PERERA, Lakshal;  PERRAM, Max;  PERRY, Alistair;  PERRY, Christopher;  PERRY, Joshua;  PERRY, Kathryn;  PERRY, Rebekka;  PERRY, Ronald;  PERRY, Rosalind;  PERRY, Stuart;  PETERKIN, Adam;  PETERKIN, Leanne;  PETERKIN, Nicole;  PETERKIN, Rebecca;  PETERS, Rhys;  PETERSON, Chad;  PETERSON, Joel;  PETERSON, Sophie;  PETESIC, Stephen;  PETTETT, Chris;  PETTY, Melissa;  PETTY, Rodney;  PFISTER, Janai;  PHILLIPS, Brigitte;  PHILLIPS, David;  PHILLIPS, Gareth;  PHILLIPS, Joanne;  PHILLIPS, Malcolm;  PHILLIPS, Sharyn;  PHILPOTT, Colin;  PHIPPS, Dale;  PHIPPS, Gary;  PHIPPS, Graeme;  PHIPPS, Mr K.*;  PIAZZA, Dean;  PICKETT, Tara;  PIEPER, Renae;  PIERRO, Claudia;  PIGGIN, Vicky;  PILJEVIC, Alexei;  PILJEVIC, Manuela;  PILLING, Sherie;  PINCH, Caroline;  PINCH, Mr Allan*;  PINCH, Mrs Verna*;  PINCH, Valerie;  PIPER, Brock;  PITCHFORD, Keith;  PITT, Byron;  PITT, Julia;  PITT, Katie;  PODER, David;  PODER, Paul;  PODER, Robert;  POLLARD, Rebecca;  POLYZOIDIS, Abigail;  POLYZOIDIS, Naomi;  POLYZOIDIS, Thomas;  POORE, Cara;  POPE, Angus;  PORTER, Lynette;  PORTER, Lynnette;  PORTSCHER, Nicolette;  POSCOLIERO, Alexander;  POSCOLIERO, Naomi;  POTTER, Allan;  POTTER, Craig;  POTTER, Ian;  POTTER, Jody;  POTTER, Justine;  POTTER, Kevin;  POTTER, Shane;  POWELL, Cameron;  POWELL, Kate;  POWELL, Sienna;  POWRIE, Alan;  POWRIE, John;  PRATT, Cheryl;  PRATT, Leanne;  PRATT, Lisa;  PRATT, Robert;  PRENTICE, Erin;  PRENTICE, Mitchell;  PREO, Leanne;  PRESTON, Peter;  PRICE, Alandra;  PRICE, Ashley;  PRICE, Benjamin;  PRICE, Edwina;  PRICE, Katherine;  PRICE, Petrina;  PRICE, Stephen;  PRICE, Victoria;  PRIEST, Angela;  PRINCK, Alison;  PRINCK, Gianni;  PRIOR, Joshua;  PRIOR, Matthew;  PRIOR, Tye;  PROCTOR, Andrew;  PROCTOR, Gordon*;  PROKOP, Pat;  PRONK, Heidi;  PRONK, Roland;  PROVOST, Gabriel;  PUPOVAC, Alex;  PUPOVAC, Branka;  PUPOVAC, Fred;  PUPOVAC, Steve;  PUPOVAC, Suzana;  PYMONT, Kayla;  PYMONT, Rodney



QUIBULUE, Trey; QUILTER-JONES, Jessica;  QUILTY, Elizabeth;  QUINLIVAN, Leonie;  QUINLIVAN, Mandy;  QUINN, Emily;  QUINN, Sheree;  QUIRK, Daryl;  QUIRK, Susan



RADBURN, Jeffrey; RADFORD, Keelan;  RADFORD, Keena;  RADFORD, Liam;  RADFORD, Michelle;  RADFORD, Moriah;  RADFORD, Steven;  RADFORD, Weelan;  RAE, Alex;  RAE, Ashleigh;  RAE, David;  RAE, Ian;  RAE, Mackenzie;  RAE, Natasha;  RAE, Nigel;  RAE, Skye;  RAIMOND, Jessica;  RAIMOND, Mrs M.*;  RAIMOND, Timothy;  RAIMOND, William;  RAINES, Donald;  RAINES, Glenda;  RAINES, Kevin;  RAINES, Leanne;  RAINES, Mark;  RAINES, Tracy;  RAMIREZ, Andrew;  RAMM, Esther;  RAMSAY, Craig;  RAMSEY, Carol;  RAMSEY, Madeline;  RAMSEY, Michael;  RAMSEY, Nathan;  RAMSEY, Samuel;  RANKIN, Andrew;  RANKIN, Geoff;  RANKIN, George;  RANKIN, Jenee;  RANKIN, Lynda;  RANKINE, Carla;  RATHBONE, Kenneth;  RAVELLO, Christian;  RAVELLO, Fernando;  RAVENSCROFT, Andrew;  RAWNSLEY, Wayne;  RAYMOND, Evelyne;  RAYMOND, Jacki;  RAYMOND, Katherine;  RAYNER, Ally;  RAYNER, Anne;  RAYNER, Emma;  RAYNER, Maddie;  RAYNER, Paul;  RAYNOR, Kay;  RAYNOR, Mr E.*;  RAYNOR, Mrs E.*;  RAYNOR, Paul;  REA, Holly;  REA, Keegan;  REA, Natalie;  REAY, Chloe;  REAY, Jack;  REED, Alan;  REED, Jed;  REED, Peter;  REEDY, Darren;  REEDYK, Angelina;  REEDYK, Colin;  REES, Melanie;  REES, Nicole;  REES, Troy;  REEVES, Karen;  REEVES, Richard;  REEVES, Steven;  REEVES, Terry;  REICK, Philip;  REID-O'BRIEN, Hannah;  REID-O'BRIEN, Kaylee;  REID-O'BRIEN, Max;  REILLY, Keith;  REYNOLDS, Danielle;  REYNOLDS, Lyndsey;  REYNOLDS, Michael;  RHODES, Vernon;  RICCI, Lia;  RICE, James;  RICH, Luke;  RICHARDSON, Kaye;  RICHARDSON, Nataniel;  RICHARDSON, Terry;  RICHARDSON, Troy;  RIEDEL, Rebecca;  RIEDEL, Richard;  RIEDEL, Roland;  RIGBY, Gail;  RIGLEY, Adene;  RIGLEY, Jon;  RILEY, Marie;  RILEY, Mark;  RILEY, Mrs J.*;  RILEY, Stephen;  RIMMER, Daniel;  RING, Tammy;  RISKU, Paul;  RITCHIE, Callum;  RITCHIE, Daniel;  RITCHIE, Maddyson;  RIXON, Glen;  RIXON, Lindy;  ROBAARD, Paul;  ROBERTS, Aiden;  ROBERTS, Blake;  ROBERTS, Edith;  ROBERTS, Graham;  ROBERTS, Joanne;  ROBERTS, Katrina;  ROBERTS, Kendall;  ROBERTS, Lucy;  ROBERTS, Maya;  ROBERTS, Natalie;  ROBERTS, Vaughn;  ROBERTSON, Amy;  ROBERTSON, Cameron;  ROBERTSON, Christine;  ROBERTSON, Fiona;  ROBERTSON, Kimberly;  ROBERTSON, Lance;  ROBERTSON, Michael;  ROBERTSON, Tim;  ROBINSON, Bissie;  ROBINSON, Edith;  ROBINSON, Emily;  ROBINSON, Emma;  ROBINSON, Jenny;  ROBINSON, Katy;  ROBINSON, Molly;  ROBINSON, Mr Norm*;  ROBINSON, Murray;  ROBINSON, Naomi;  ROBINSON, Norman;  ROBINSON, Richard;  ROBINSON, Sally;  ROBINSON, Simone;  ROBINSON, Tessa;  ROBSON, Gail;  ROBSON, Peter;  ROBSON, Shane;  ROCCHI, Simon;  ROCHE, Aaron;  ROCHE, Annette;  ROCHE, Brendan;  ROCHE, Kieren;  ROCHE, Marcus;  RODGERS, Damian;  RODGERS, Zachary;  ROGAN, Michael;  ROGERS, Jacob;  ROGERS, Malcolm;  ROGERS, Oceanna;  ROJAS, Roberto;  ROLAND, Anders;  ROLAND, Gail;  ROLAND, Jana;  ROLAND, Jarryd;  RONCATO, Peter;  RONCATO, Shannon;  RONCZKA, Jason;  RONCZKA, Leah;  RONCZKA, Todd;  ROODBEEN, Madison;  ROODENRYS, Cathryn;  ROODENRYS, Elizabeth;  ROOKE, Lauren;  ROS, Montse;  ROSE, Alison;  ROSE, Bruce;  ROSE, Judith;  ROSIAK, Andrew;  ROSIAK, Craig;  ROSIAK, Elizabeth;  ROSIAK, Mrs E.*;  ROSS, Craig;  ROSS, Dave;  ROSS, John;  ROSS, Karen;  ROSS, Karrie;  ROSSIGNOLI, Marco;  ROSSIGNOLI, Monica;  ROWE, Jack;  ROWE, Jemma;  ROWSHAN, Nikisa;  ROWSHAN, Pedram;  RUBAN, Ava;  RUBAN, Maksim;  RUDD, Kerry;  RUDD, Stephen;  RUFFLEY, Ella;  RUNKO, Eugene;  RUPERTO, Katherine;  RUSSELL, David;  RUSSELL, James;  RUSSELL, Judith;  RUSSELL, Melissa;  RUSSELL, Patrick;  RUSSELL, Rebecca;  RUSSO, Michael;  RUST, Alison;  RUST, Colin;  RUTTY, Andrew;  RUTTY, Gilian;  RUZUNGA, Alfred;  RUZUNGA, Michael;  RUZUNGA, Rosette;  RYAN, Charli;  RYAN, Gareth;  RYAN, John;  RYAN, Kelly;  RYAN, Liam;  RYAN, Mark;  RYAN, Mr John*;  RYAN, Peter;  RYAN, Stephen;  RYAN, Tony;  RYAN, Tracey-Lee



SACKETT, Robert; SALIU, Artim;  SANDERSON, Mark;  SANDISON, Andrena;  SANDISON, Shaun;  SANDONA, Joanne;  SARGENT-WILSON, Adam;  SARGENT-WILSON, John;  SARGENT-WILSON, Mark;  SARROUF, Nicholas;  SARTEN, Vanessa;  SASSALL, Zac;  SAVIL, Luke;  SCHETTINO, Mai;  SCHOKKER, Teresa;  SCHREIBER, Carol;  SCHRODER, Anna;  SCHRODER, David;  SCHULTZ, Adam;  SCHUTZ, Adam;  SCOLLERY, Brendan;  SCOTT, Anne;  SCOTT, Ashleigh;  SCOTT, Elizabeth;  SCOTT, Mark;  SCOTT, Robert;  SCOTT, Sandy;  SCREEN, Mark;  SCRIVENER, Brock;  SCRUBY, Renae;  SEAL, James;  SEARS, Timothy;  SEERY, Tony;  SEITARIDIS, Aris;  SEITARIDIS, Susie;  SEITARIDIS, Zoe;  SELMER, Christopher;  SEROV, Stewart;  SHANNON, Alex;  SHANNON, Tiana;  SHARMAN, Renee;  SHARMAN, Robert;  SHARPE, Ross;  SHAW, Cameron;  SHAW, Christine;  SHAW, Hayden;  SHAW, Michael;  SHAW, Rachel;  SHAW, Sonia;  SHAW, Susan;  SHEEDY, Ronald;  SHEEDY, Steven;  SHEEDY, Tim;  SHEEN, Cameron;  SHEEN, Lachlan;  SHEENS, Therese;  SHEPHARD, Glen;  SHEPHARD, Narelle;  SHEPHARD, Paul;  SHEPHARD, Peter;  SHEPHARD, Steven;  SHEPHERD, Benjamin;  SHOEBRIDGE, John;  SHOEBRIDGE, Steven;  SHURLEY, Bruce;  SILK, Adam;  SILVER, Danny;  SILVERI, Linda;  SIMCOCK, Ron;  SIMES, Dean;  SIMINISKI, Peter;  SIMOES DA SILVA, Nicholas;  SIMOES DA SILVA, Sophia;  SIMPSON, Gary;  SINADINOVIC, Michael;  SIRLEAF, Momolu;  SIVILLS, Olivia;  SIVILLS, Patrice;  SKELTON, Jay;  SKELTON, Shane;  SKERINGTON, Richard;  SLAPP, Graham;  SLAPP, Leanne;  SLAPP, MR A. R.*;  SLAPP, Mrs Marie*;  SLAPP, Noel;  SMART, Geoffrey;  SMART, Gregory;  SMART, Matthew;  SMART, Mr Jim*;  SMART, Noel;  SMART, Stephen;  SMITH, Alicia;  SMITH, Courtney;  SMITH, Craig;  SMITH, Darren;  SMITH, Dennisse;  SMITH, Graeme;  SMITH, Harry;  SMITH, Jamie;  SMITH, John;  SMITH, Lauren;  SMITH, Leon;  SMITH, Lorraine;  SMITH, Mark;  SMITH, Melissa;  SMITH, Merle;  SMITH, Michael;  SMITH, Murray;  SMITH, Nathan;  SMITH, Nicole;  SMITH, Peter;  SMITH, Rachel;  SMITH, Rowena;  SMITH, Ruth;  SMITH, Ryan;  SMITH, Suanne;  SMITH, Timothy;  SMITH, Trevor;  SMITH, Tyson;  SMITH, Zac;  SMYTH, Carmel;  SNELSON, Matthew;  SNEPVANGERS, Wilhelmina;  SNIDER, Leonie;  SOETERBOEK, Carrie;  SOILAND, Alina;  SOLBERG, Nicholas;  SOLBERG, Raymond;  SOLOMON, Douglas;  SOMERVILLE, Adam;  SOSSAI, Mirko;  SOUTER, Paul;  SOUTHALL, Janelle;  SOUTHWELL, Michael;  SOUTHWELL, Wayne;  SPARKS, Catherine;  SPECOGNA, Alex;  SPEED, Elizabeth;  SPEIRS, Kristy;  SPENCE, Matthew;  SPENCE, Stephen;  SPENCER, Kalia;  SPENCER, Lynley;  SPIERS, Emer;  SPIERS, Maryanne;  SPINKS, Robyn;  SPRATT, Dianna;  SQUIRES, Nicole;  SRBINOVSKI, Christian;  SRBINOVSKI, David;  SRBINOVSKI, Kristie;  SRECKOVIC, Arron;  SRECKOVIC, Ben;  STACEY, Alan;  STALKER, Geoff;  STALKER, Jason;  STALKER, Jeoff;  STAMP, Wendy;  STAMPER, Caleb;  STANFORD, Mandy;  STANFORD, Peter;  STANIFORTH, Neil;  STANIZZO, Gina;  STANLEY, Jason;  STANLEY, Scott;  STANTON, Cameron;  STANTON, Gregory;  STANWORTH, Adam;  STARKEY, Julie;  STARR, Jaimee-Lee;  STEELE, Phillip;  STEEP, Steven;  STEFANOVIC, George;  STEINKI, Roger;  STENLAKE, Neil;  STEPHENSON, Kim;  STEVENSON, Bruce;  STEVENSON, Fiona;  STEVENSON, Lorelle;  STEWART, Abbie;  STEWART, Abigail;  STEWART, Dallas;  STEWART, Elliot;  STEWART, Luke;  STEWART, Shane;  STINER, Vanja;  STIRLING, Damion;  STOJCEVSKI, Olivia;  STOJCEVSKI, Veronika;  STOKER, Suzanne;  STOKOE, Melissa;  STOKOE, Mitchell;  STONE, Adam;  STONE, Joshua;  STONE, Neil;  STORM, Carly;  STORM, Jessica;  STOTHARD, Edwin;  STOTHARD, Susan;  STRANG, Anthony;  STRANG, Anthony Jnr;  STRANG, Fiona;  STRANG, Kylie;  STREET, David;  STREET, Steven;  STREETHERS, Barry;  STUART, Karen;  STUART, Lexie;  STUART, Sonia;  STUDHOLME, Jennifer;  STUDHOLME, Trenna;  STYLIS-STEVENS, Bianca;  STYLIS-STEVENS, Vanessa;  SULLIVAN, Bradley;  SULLIVAN, Clifford;  SUMMERILL, Victoria;  SUTERS, Simon;  SUTHERS, Rebecca;  SUTTON, Jason;  SWAN, Stephen;  SWAN, Trent;  SWANTON, Luke;  SWINBOURNE, Alistair;  SWINBOURNE, Tristan;  SWINDELLS, Brad;  SWINDLE, Carlee;  SYKES, Ann;  SYKES, Geoffrey;  SYKES, Robert;  SYMONDS, Karlee;  SYMONS, Brenda;  SZAKACS, Danielle;  SZULEROWSKI, Karen



TAAFE, Catriona; TADDEO, Abbie;  TAIONE, Tyrell;  TAIT, Matthew;  TAKAS, Caiti-Lyn;  TAKAS, Lyn;  TALBOT, Stacey;  TALBOT, Thomas;  TANDY, Christine;  TANDY, Evan;  TAPP, Renae;  TAPP, Ronald;  TARANTO, Cartia;  TASKER, Barry;  TATE, John;  TAURUA, James;  TAURUA, Lee;  TAURUA, Shannon;  TAYLOR, Glen;  TAYLOR, Gregory;  TAYLOR, Matthew;  TAYLOR, Nathalia;  TAYLOR, Nigel;  TAYLOR, Nikki;  TAYLOR, Robert;  TAYLOR, Rush;  TAYLOR, Susan;  TENKATE, Hamilton;  TERRY, Reis;  TETLEY, Deborah;  THALER, Roslyn;  THEODORE, Sharon;  THIRTLE, Rebecca;  THISTLETHWAITE, Lesley;  THOMAS, Ashley;  THOMAS, Bryan;  THOMAS, Danica;  THOMAS, Deborah;  THOMAS, Evan;  THOMAS, Greg;  THOMAS, Harry;  THOMAS, Jack;  THOMAS, Kim;  THOMAS, Mary;  THOMAS, Mr R.*;  THOMAS, Mrs D.*;  THOMAS, Noeline;  THOMAS, Paul;  THOMAS, Ruth;  THOMPSON, Bart;  THOMPSON, Charlotte;  THOMPSON, Darren;  THOMPSON, Gregory;  THOMPSON, Jackie;  THOMPSON, Jacqueline;  THOMPSON, James;  THOMPSON, Jamie;  THOMPSON, Jeff;  THOMPSON, Kevin;  THOMPSON, Lise;  THOMPSON, Lynette;  THOMPSON, Nicole;  THORN, Christopher;  THORN, Jacob;  THORN, Luke;  THORNE, Bernadette;  THURGATE, Chloe;  TIERNEY, Scott;  TILDEN, John;  TILDEN, Oscar;  TILDEN, Ruby;  TIMPANO, Alex;  TIMPANO, Bruno;  TIYCE, Mitchell;  TOBIN, Garry;  TOBIN, Nyree;  TOLSON, Carly;  TOLSON, Cord;  TOLSON, Kobe;  TOM, Genevieve;  TOM, William;  TOMEK, Pamela;  TOPP, Katheryn;  TORTORICI, Frank;  TORY, Liam;  TOTH, Sandra;  TOWNSEND, Craig;  TOWNSEND, Darren;  TOWNSEND, David;  TOZER, Eleanor;  TOZER, Genevieve;  TOZER, Rosie;  TRAD, Anthony;  TRAYNOR, Jenna;  TREANOR, Benjamin;  TREANOR, Ella;  TREBEL, Callum;  TRELOAR, Geoffrey;  TRENNERY, Marion;  TRINCA, Jennifer;  TRINCA, Michael;  TROTH, Geoffrey;  TROTH, Mark;  TROTT, Josephine;  TROUGHTON, Tony;  TROWER, Jake;  TUBBY, Daniel;  TUBBY, Jenny;  TUBBY, Jon;  TUBBY, Jonathan;  TUBBY, Nicholas;  TUBBY, Samantha;  TUCK, Ashley;  TUCK, Christopher;  TUREK, Claire;  TURGATE, Chloe;  TURK, Luke;  TURNER, Cathy;  TURNER, Courtenay;  TURNER, Darren;  TURNER, James;  TURNER, Katia;  TURNER, Ryan;  TWIGG, Christopher;  TWIGG, Jarrod;  TWIGG, Sharon;  TYLER, Emma;  TYLER, Madeline;  TYLER, William;  TYSON, Benjamin;  TYSON, Samuel



UKANOV, Alen; UPCROFT, Sheridan;  UPWARD, Carol;  UPWARD, Darren;  UPWARD, Dennis;  UPWARD, Nicole;  UPWARD, Troy



VALLIS, Adrian; VALTANEN, Tomi;  VAN BOCKEL, Adriana;  VAN BOCKEL, Richard;  VAN DER KOOI, Mrs A*;  VAN DER KOOI, Ron;  VAN DER WERF, Marnie;  VAN DER WERF, Sharon;  VAN OPSTAL, Corey;  VAN OPSTAL, Matthew;  VAN SPANJE, Patsy;  VAN VREUMINGEN, Alison;  VAN VREUMINGEN, Brad;  VAN VREUMINGEN, Frank;  VAN VREUMINGEN, Hailey;  VAN VREUMINGEN, Sarah;  VANDENBERG, Brendan;  VARMEDJA, Alec;  VARMEDJA, Olivia;  VAUGHN, Caroline;  VEERHUIS, Ellie;  VEERHUIS, Kyle;  VEERHUIS, Leroy;  VEERHUIS, Nadine;  VEERHUIS, Peter;  VELTANOVSKI, Zoran;  VERCOE, Athena;  VERHAGEN, Suzan;  VERNON, Tiarn;  VESCIO, Pasquale;  VICKERS, Genevieve;  VICKERY, Beau;  VICKERY, Chloe;  VICKERY, Jamie;  VICKERY, Jill;  VICKERY, Nathan;  VICKERY, Noel;  VICKERY, Samantha;  VIDLER, Dianne;  VILLELLA, Louis;  VIMPANY, John;  VISSER, Lynette;  VISSER, Nicole;  VIZGOFT, Jeffrey;  VLIESTRA, Jennifer;  VLIESTRA, Raymond;  VOLCICH, Nicholas;  VORMISTER, Kate;  VORMISTER, Rebecca;  VRANA, Lachlan;  VU, Maurice;  VU, Phoebe;  VUJIC, Christian



WADE, David; WADE, Petra;  WADE, Rory;  WAGNER, Olive;  WAIN, Paul;  WAINE, Hayley;  WAINE, Ryan;  WAKEFORD, Diane;  WAKEFORD, John;  WAKELING, Shane;  WALDIE, Michael;  WALKER, Aaron;  WALKER, Elijah;  WALKER, Hannah;  WALKER, Joshua;  WALKER, Melanie;  WALKER, Murray;  WALKER, Phillip;  WALKER, Rohan;  WALKER, Sarah;  WALKLEY, Travis;  WALKLEY, Trystan;  WALL, Alexandra;  WALL, Charlotte;  WALL, Clayton;  WALL, David;  WALL, Jarrod;  WALLACE, Corey;  WALLACE, Gaye;  WALLER, Darryl;  WALLS, Aaron;  WALLS, Graham;  WALLS, Laura;  WALSH, Allad;  WALSH, Allan;  WALSH, Christopher;  WALSH, Dale;  WALSH, Debra;  WALSH, Emma;  WALSH, Jake;  WALSH, Joel;  WALSH, Shelly;  WALSH, Simone;  WALTER, Richard;  WALTERS, David;  WALTON, Mark;  WALTON, Narelle;  WANN, Charles;  WANN, Laurence;  WANN, William;  WARBURTON, Craig;  WARD , Robyn;  WARD , Sandra;  WARD, Jenny;  WARD, Robyn;  WARD, Sandra;  WARD, Stephen;  WARK, Jack*;  WARNER, Andrew;  WARNER, Denise;  WARNER, Katharine;  WARREN, Denise;  WATERFALL, Rory;  WATSON, Dennis;  WATSON, Hannah;  WATSON, Jade;  WATTS, David;  WAUGH, John;  WAYNE, Jamaya;  WEBB , Benjamin;  WEBB , Denis;  WEBB , John;  WEBB, Benjamin;  WEBB, Dean;  WEBB, Denis;  WEBB, John;  WEBSTER, Carla;  WEEKS, Susan;  WEI, Tian;  WELLINGS, Roger;  WELLINGTON, Helen;  WELLINGTON, Miss S.*;  WELLINGTON, Mr R.*;  WELLINGTON, Mrs J.*;  WELSH , Matthew;  WELSH, Matthew;  WEST , Angela;  WEST , Christopher;  WEST , Daniel;  WEST , Michael;  WEST, Angela;  WEST, Christopher;  WEST, Daniel;  WEST, Elizabeth;  WEST, Michael;  WEST, Mr Ray*;  WEST, Thomas;  WESTON, Tina;  WHEATLEY, Mitchell;  WHEATLEY, Wallace;  WHEATLEY, Wally;  WHEELER , Scott;  WHEELER, Scott;  WHITBY, Jason;  WHITE , Lee;  WHITE , Sean;  WHITE , Sharon;  WHITE , Steven;  WHITE, Bradley;  WHITE, Kiara;  WHITE, Lee;  WHITE, Sean;  WHITE, Sharon;  WHITE, Steven;  WHITEHEAD, Sarah;  WHITING, Louise;  WHITING, Stephen;  WHITTON, Reginald;  WIBLIN, Teigan;  WILCZYNSKI, Gordon;  WILKENS, Edward;  WILKINS, Jake;  WILLIAMS , Christopher;  WILLIAMS, Brett;  WILLIAMS, Bronwyn;  WILLIAMS, Christopher;  WILLIAMS, Denis;  WILLIAMS, Derel;  WILLIAMS, John;  WILLIAMS, Karl;  WILLIAMS, Lyndsay;  WILLIAMS, Mr Ron*;  WILLIAMS, Mrs J. *;  WILLIAMS, Neil;  WILLIAMS, Patrick;  WILLIAMS, Ron;  WILLIAMSON, William;  WILSON, Deborah;  WILSON, Kerry;  WILSON, Kim;  WILSON, Louise;  WILSON, Paul;  WILSON, Rebecca;  WILSON, Rebeka;  WILTON, Dana;  WILTON, Dean;  WILTON, Donna;  WILTON, John;  WILTON, Sharra;  WILYMAN, Alexandra;  WILYMAN, Callum;  WILYMAN, Scott;  WINCHESTER , Hiliary;  WINCHESTER, Hiliary;  WINDLE, Sharon;  WINDSOR, Carroline;  WINNELL, Cheryl;  WINNELL, Dane;  WINNELL, Melissa;  WINNELL, Terence;  WITCHARD, Melinda;  WITHERS, Kerry;  WOOD , Jason;  WOOD , L;  WOOD , Marina;  WOOD, Jason;  WOOD, Karin*;  WOOD, L;  WOOD, Marina;  WOODALL, John;  WOODS, Brian;  WOODS, Karen;  WOODS, Mark;  WOODS, Robyn;  WOODS, Sandra;  WOODS, Sheryl;  WOOLLETT , Kevin;  WOOLLETT, Kevin;  WORBOYES, Morgan;  WRIGHT, Barry;  WRIGHT, Glen;  WRIGLEY, Jordan;  WROBLEWSKI, Daniel;  WROBLEWSKI, Lily;  WROBLEWSKI, Luke;  WUNSCH, Lara;  WYLANGOWSKI, Roger;  WYLIE, Elizabeth;  WYVER , Brian;  WYVER, Brian



YOUNG , Craig; YOUNG , Gordon;  YOUNG , Peter;  YOUNG , Warrick;  YOUNG, Craig;  YOUNG, Gordon;  YOUNG, Peter;  YOUNG, Warrick;  YOUSIPH, Isabel;  YU FAN, Ming



ZANETIC , Marcus; ZANETIC, Marcus;  ZANETTI, Daniel;  ZAULICH, Chantelle;  ZAULICH, Eisa;  ZAULICH, Elissa;  ZAULICH, Elsa;  ZAULICH, Janet;  ZAULICH, Peter;  ZAULICH, Rhea;  ZELTINS, Toms;  ZEME, Alex;  ZILIZI, Steven;  ZILIZI, Ziggi;  ZORZUT, Adrian;  ZUIDERWYK, Paul;  ZULIAN, Natalia;  ZULIAN, Sonia;  ZUZEK, Alex;  ZUZEK, Rachael;  ZUZEK, Robert;  ZUZIC , Douglas;  ZUZIC, Benjamin;  ZUZIC, Douglas;  ZVARGULIS, Ethan