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Training Equipment Library

Athletics Wollongong is intending to purchase equipment for training purposes as funds become available. The "library" is intended for coaches instructing AW members - as well as for use by experienced, senior athletes not under direct supervision.

Currently the library is limited to the training hurdles and trolley, some general conditioning equipment, and throwing implements separate to those reserved for competition.

AW believes that providing training equipment will allow our affiliated coaches to provide an even higher level of service to our members.

The plan is to provide access similar to the shared Training Shed. People will apply to the AW Committee for access (forms below). After undergoing a short induction, applicants will receive an ID lanyard, which they may then trade for the Club keys at the front desk.

It's hoped that users will be flexible and considerate, but if we find there are scheduling conflicts we'll implement an online booking system.



Read and complete the following documents:

Athletics Wollongong Training Equipment Policy

Athletics Wollongong Training Equipment Usage Agreement inc. Application

Athletics Wollongong Hurdles Usage Checklist